May 22, 2022

International day of women’s sport

International Day of Women’s Sport –

written on January 24, 2022

6 portraits of Savoyard sportswomen to support women’s sport in Savoie! Our department, which is the 3rd in France for the number of licensees in relation to its population, has 54,130 licensees, or around 25% of its female population!

2020 01 Perrine Pelen 390

The Courchevel Méribel 2023 World Ski Championships could hardly have dreamed of a better general manager: Perrine Pelen returns to his first love.

2020 11 Favario CRumillat 390

From the height of her 17 years, this racing driver in Formula 4 is not shy! She is climbing the ladder and hopes to evolve one day in Formula 1. Angelina Favario intends to make a place for itself in this very masculine sport.

2021 01 MargotBoch CDavidMalacrida 390

With his accomplice Carla Sénéchal, Margot Bocho , brand new junior world champion, forms the first women’s bobsleigh duo in ten years. In sight, a dream, or rather a stated objective: to be the first French women to participate in the Olympics and why not win a medal!

2019 12 Audrey Tanguy 390

At 31, Audrey Tanguy continues performance in trail races. However, she only started competing for two years.

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