May 22, 2022

In Ville d’Avray, primary school students will now play sports during the lunch break

A healthy mind in a healthy body from an early age. This is the challenge that the municipality of Ville-d’Avray (Hauts-de-Seine) wants to take up with its primary school pupils. This Friday morning, the city officially launched its daily physical activity program, at the Ronce school, then at Jean-Rostand.

From now on, for 650 primary school pupils in the town, fifteen minutes of physical and sporting activities will take place every school day, during the lunch break, from 1:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The extracurricular animators will be in charge of the accompaniment. A local and unprecedented initiative to date in the Hauts-de-Seine, according to the municipal team of Ville-d’Avray, which is part of the extension of the Terre de Santé program, launched by the city last November. .

The boss of the UNSS Olivier Girault, sponsor of the operation

There were also many elected officials presented at the start of this operation, this Friday morning. But it was above all the 2008 Olympic handball champion and director of the National Union of School Sports (UNSS), Olivier Girault, who made a strong impression on the students. “It’s an act of common sense, which will lead to sustainable good practices. I am delighted to sponsor this project, says the former international, who lives in Ville-d’Avray. It’s something very concrete, to encourage our children to move. »

The new director of the UNSS, Olivier Girault, Olympic handball champion in Beijing in 2008, is the sponsor of Terre de Santé in Ville-d’Avray. He symbolically lit the flame with two students from La Ronce school. LP/AC

Two students from La Ronce accompanied him to symbolically light an artificial Olympic flame. The students then joined the courtyard for the first quarter of an hour of physical activity of the program. The children first sang a song specially composed for the occasion, on the theme of the Olympic Games, before starting a giant choreography.

Very energetic during this flashmob, the students seemed to get caught up in the game, visibly stimulated by the presence of Olivier Girault, who was cheered on for a long time and stormed to ask for autographs.

“My eldest daughter has started eating vegetables again”

Upstream, throughout the month of January, the Ville-d’Avray “Terre de Santé” expert, Jean-Claude Coubard, visited the classrooms to make children aware of good practices: “eat well, hydrate, move well”. The impact of this campaign has been very positive, according to the parents of the students. “My children were all very motivated to adopt new reflexes, rejoices Delphine, who came to attend the premiere. My eldest daughter has started eating vegetables again, this is excellent coaching! »

Because this physical activity program should allow children to acquire the right reflexes as soon as possible to fight against a sedentary lifestyle and promote their well-being. “There is no specific sport that will be offered to children. We will touch a bit of everything, to make all the parts of the body work, explains Antoine Furno. The idea is that students can become aware of their bodies and talk about their activity to their parents, to initiate them in turn. »

“We have everything you need here to move well and combine pleasure, well-being and health, using your legs for a walk in the forest or on a bike”, summarizes the mayor (DVD) Aline de Marcillac, who hopes that this initiative will spread elsewhere in the department.