May 12, 2022

In Pithiviers, they opt for the gym or the swimming pool at lunchtime

Rowing machine, treadmill, lengths in the pools or aquabike or aquagym lessons… At lunchtime, at the Body world gym and at the Pithiviers swimming pool, We meet both working people and retirees who take advantage of the lunch break to exercise.

Denis: “We meet a lot of people while playing sports”

“I rarely come in the evening. Already because it’s not on my way back“, indicates this 64-year-old man who works in real estate, in Beaune-la-Rolande but lives in Montargis. “In general, I do group lessons. We have good coaches. They know how to motivate us and take care of us. Here, you meet a lot of people doing sports.”

Lydia: “It lets off steam at noon.”

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“At this time, it’s ideal because we have more access to machines“, underlines Lydia. “Sport, it feels good, it lets off steam at noon.”

Cécile and Bénédicte: “Lunchtime is practical”

Cécile and Bénédicte, two young women, both work in Pithiviers: “We go aquabiking every Monday at lunchtime, it lasts 30 minutes. As we have 1h45 break at noon, it’s practical. In the evening, with the children, it would be more complicated to come.”

Lauréline: “I come to relax”

“I’m pregnant. I come once a week, to the swimming pool, on Monday noon, to relax my back”, explains Lauréline, from Ascoux. This mother of a 4-year-old girl juggles school hours since she picks up her daughter at 4:20 p.m. “In the evening, I couldn’t come because I have to manage my daughter: shower her, eat… And if I came here with her, I couldn’t relax in the same way.”

Miss Taliane N’Goma and Aurélie Richard