January 23, 2022

In Limoges, professor of cardiovascular physiology François Carre explains the importance of sport for employees

Professor Carre, specialist in cardiology and sports doctor at Rennes University Hospital, guest of the Matinale Sport en entreprise “Collective movement is capital!” in Limoges

, has been hammering it for years: “Moving is vital! ” He has just repeated it with seriousness to the business leaders present at his conference in Beaublanc: “The population has not yet become aware of it, butwe are, faced with a sedentary lifestyle, as facing global warming

. That is to say that if nothing changes, we are heading towards a disaster… ”

You have to get up every two hours The professor, who wrote in 2013 Sedentary danger

published by Recherches Midi, relies on years of experience to draw up this alarmist observation.

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NL 11

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NL 97 “The main factors of all chronic diseases are junk food, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle,” he says. The worst part is when you have two or three factors, they don’t add up, they multiply.

The problem is that the consequences will only be visible in 20 or 30 years… ”.

So in the meantime, François Carre suggests you have a physical activity, to move and get up. “You are sedentary – from Latinto sit , sitting – if you spend too much time per day sitting. It becomes really dangerous for your health from 6 or 7 hours a day on average. The worst part is sitting for more than two hours without getting up

and do some movement. “

Simple solutions to move every day

What then to do to fight against a sedentary lifestyle? «You have to move every day, everywhere

, advocates Professor Carre. We have to rebel, we have to decide ourselves to move. Every day, before 65 years old, you must do 30 minutes of physical activity with cardio – walking or cycling – and muscle building – walking up the floors, for example, it is within everyone’s reach. After 65, you do the same, adding a little balance and flexibility.

And for children or teenagers, it is not 30 minutes, but at least 60 minutes of activity, of play, of the scooter, of the ball… It is possible by reducing the screen time since before two years I remind you that it’s zero screen, and from 6 to 17 years old, it’s 2 hours a day, or 14 hours a week… ”

Physical activity delays addiction Consequence of this physical activity:improving physical capacity

. It is this, which according to François Carre, will improve your healthy longevity. “Health is not just not being sick or having no infirmity,” he explains. Health is a state of social, physical and mental well-being. And that goes through physical activity and that does not require any material investment. Just time.If you walk for an hour a week, or 10 minutes a day, you increase your healthy life expectancy by two years.

. If you walk 7 hours a week or one hour a day, you increase it by 5 years. When we move, regardless of age, we prevent most chronic diseases by 20 to 30%. We have a better quality of life, we improve our health capital, the quality of our aging and we delay dependence by staying at home longer. “

How to move at work?

Many companies have become aware of the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle at work and have implemented various actions: taking charge of part of the sports licenses, setting up well-being workshops, making premises available, etc.

The positive results have been measured by several studies summarized by Professor François Carre. “The benefits of physical activity for the employee are better peace of mind – reduction in burn-out and depression – three years of more life expectancy, the delay in the age of the onset of dependency of six years and savings of 30 to 34 euros per year in health costs. For the company, it is 6 to 9% productivity gains, 4 to 14% improvement in profitability and in all cases reduction in absenteeism. “

For thirty years, François Carre has been trying to convince that “movement is vital”. He knows it will take time, but today he has the support of sisters and brothers. «We have no solution in front of us because we are genetically programmed to move

, he concludes. It is up to each to become aware and act. “

An event organized by Medef Limousin in partnership with the VYV group, the CSP Limoges and the Limoges Business Club city of Limoges.