January 29, 2022

Ice Hockey. Raphaël Chauvel, 17, tumbles with a double

Raphaël Chauvel scored twice against Marseille in HC Caen’s 3-4 victory. At only 17 years old!

Each match has its own beautiful story Hockey Club of Caen. After putting Alexandre Palis back on the ice on Saturday December 18, 2021 against Neuilly, Luc Chauvel witnessed his son Raphaël’s first goals in D1 three days later. The Drakkars coach did not hesitate to launch the 17-year-old kid in an intense match in Marseille. Great good has taken him. Raphaël Chauvel, replacing André Ménard (sent off at mid-match) on the first block in Caen, scored a double. He was a big contributor to his team’s 3-4 victory.

Originally, the attacker was aligned on the wing of the third block. The sudden change of plan, far from disturbing him, galvanized him. “He is a center player,” relates Luc Chauvel. I play him on the wing because there are boys of experience at his post with Loup (Benoît), Jaro (Prosvic) and André (Ménard). When André was disqualified, I knew Raphaël was capable of playing well defensively. It was the priority. It turns out he also performed on offense. “

Half a surprise

Surprising? Yes with regard to the year of birth – 2004 – of Raphaël Chauvel. No if we stick only to the great potential of the boy. Raphaël is a lot of talent and even more determination. “He has big goals and he gives himself the means to achieve them every day,” sums up his father. The youngest of the first team, who was making his debut at the senior level this season, sleeps hockey, eats hockey, lives hockey. Luc Chauvel is the first to be surprised by his professionalism.

My education was very simple with my sons (the eldest, Pierre, also plays in Caen, editor’s note), I let them do it. Raph ‘has always been interested. He would come on my knees when I was doing the videos. He watches the matches by analyzing them. When he returned from his last internship with the France U18 team, we spent an hour observing what he could improve.

Luc ChauvelCoach and father of Raphaël Chauvel

Unlike the vast majority of teenagers his age, however passionate they may be, Raphaël Chauvel has a complete approach to hockey. “It’s easy, as a coach, to have a boy like him. He is always trying to find solutions. He sees the game in all its dimensions, including tactics, not just in the beautiful gesture. There is no secret… “

He plays to win

It is for his advance in his understanding of the game that Luc Chauvel gave great responsibilities to the son in Marseille. “Today, that’s what makes the difference with Raph,” he says. It’s the first time that I’ve had such a strong player at that age. Added to this is a rage to perform at each entry on the ice cube. “He works for it, he wants to do that, he wants to be decisive. What I like about him is that when Marseille equalizes, after his first goal, he misses an opportunity to score and he is berserk when he comes back on the bench. He is not satisfied with having scored once. He will plant a second pawn a little later.

He dreams of a great career

Of course, playing alongside Félix Chamberland – decisive double passer – is a significant asset. The merit is no less great. ‘Raph’ was rewarded for the hard work. Other young people also did the work, notably Titouan (Lanes, 2004) and Adam (Maheut, 2003). I had lined up eight U20s. The training is back in Caen. It has in Raphaël Chauvel its best ambassador. How far will the native of Amiens go, when his father was captain there? The best hopes are allowed, but the priority is to move forward “step by step”. In the meantime, Raphaël has the right to savor this new course. Luc too. “I’m very happy for him, even more so as a dad. “

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