January 18, 2022

Ice Hockey. Marius, the other Cagigos who takes off

Marius Cagigos joined the Drakkars first team last season. (© Charlotte Rossignol)

This is certainly not how Pierre-Antoine Devin had imagined his role of transmission, but the chances of existence decided it for him. It was after replacing the captain of the Hockey Club of Caenhurt that Marius Cagigos scored his first D1 goal last season. A few months later, the same cause caused the same effect. Marius Cagigos released his personal counter by replacing “Pitch” at short notice on the front row of the Drakkars.

Jaroslav Prosvic saw the potential in U20

The 19-year-old boy is part of the rising youth in Caen. He joined his sister Charlotte in Normandy in the summer of 2020. “I came to play in U20 but I knew that if I worked well, a door would open. That’s what happened. A few weeks were enough to attract the attention of Jaroslav Prosvic, player of the professional team and coach of the U20. “He scored four games in his first game,” recalls the Slovak. I said to Luc: “we could try …”. He was lucky to have a very special season with the Covid. ”

Full of freshness

Caen, with its reduced workforce, gave pride of place to young people in 2020-2021. Marius Cagigos rushed into this opportunity. Since then, even if he still plays in U20, he is a full member of the A team. “He plays very simply, he puts the shots on the net, appreciates his coach, Luc Chauvel. He has freshness, spontaneity. He does not ask any questions. “Marius Cagigos, who made his debut in D1 at the age of 17 with Montpellier, is progressing quickly.

He has a very good shoot, he skates well, he is technical and strong. But he has to play in a much more physical way and be more regular.

Jaroslav ProsvicU20 teammate and coach

In roommate with his sister Charlotte

Confined to the fourth row in D1, Marius Cagigos usually has a still modest playing time. It would take more to make him lose the good humor that constantly accompanies him. “What I like most about him is his mentality,” argues Jaroslav Prosvic. He’s never angry, he laughs all the time. ”

I have everything to be fulfilled here. The club found me a work-study program in plumbing and I’m in a shared apartment with my sister.

Marius CagigosPlayer of the Hockey Club of Caen

It is this big sister, Charlotte, who gave birth to a passion for hockey in Marius. He was 7 years old. “I wanted to do like her,” he recounts. The two now play in the same team, since Charlotte Cagigos is the Drakkars’ second goalkeeper. Like her, he dreams of going “as far as possible”. “My goal is to have a professional career. At first, I am aiming for a starting place in Caen. We will then see what it will give. I don’t want to cut corners. ”

A shock against Brest

This Saturday, November 27, 2021, Marius Cagigos will participate in the clash against Brest, leader of the standings. “It will be a big game,” he warns. His physical qualities and his sense of purpose will not be too much to try to bring added value to the Caen collective.

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