July 7, 2022

How to recognize quality sports equipment?

Since sports performance depends in part on the quality of the material, it is therefore important to invest in equipment that is comfortable, practical, but also durable. However, with the scale of counterfeiting, we always run the risk of buying poor quality equipment. However, by paying attention to certain details you will be able to identify the equipment that will allow you to enjoy your sport in good conditions.

The reputation of the sporting goods supplier

By finding a supplier with a good reputation in your country, you increase your chances of making a good purchase. If you are Belgian for example, it would be ideal to find out about a supplier of quality sports equipment in Belgium, in order to be sure that you are dealing with a specialist in sports equipment. For having made sport their specialty, these distributors have the advantage of knowing and being in contact with the best brands of sports products.

A consultation of the customer opinions on the page of the various suppliers which will be proposed to you gives you an idea of ​​the satisfaction which you can expect. This research is also an opportunity to see the products in pictures. But above all you have the possibility of compare the different quality / price ratios. This will allow you to go for the best deal.

You can also check that your supplier supplies several disciplines with equipment, and that he knows how to equip both professionals and amateurs. In general, suppliers follow the same logic as brands, that of serving all sports disciplines and all categories of practitioners. A popular supplier must be able to equip clubs, communities (schools, places of recreation, etc.) with the same success.

Remember to check certain items on sports equipment

A premium sports equipment is distinguished first of all by the quality of the raw material which was used to make it. Sports shoes, especially those used in football, have for a long time been made entirely from leather (kangaroo skin, calfskin, etc.). Today we have more and more shoes made from recycled plastic, certainly for ecological reasons, but also with the intention of assisting the athlete in his efforts.

A pair of soccer shoes made of microfiber, a material made of polyester filaments, can weigh less than 200 grams. Such lightness allows the modern footballer to be faster. So that it is practical and follows all the movements of the player, the sole of a football shoe is both rigid and flexible. Therefore, you can bend it in any direction without getting damaged.

Even if the counterfeit makes the effort to no longer present hard plastic soles, which ended up breaking over a short period of time, it nevertheless continues to leave traces of an imitation. So, you can recognize a poor quality Adidas shoe by its 4 bands instead of 3. On some fabrications, you can read abibas. As far as Nike is concerned, the comma may be reversed or placed on a part of the shoe other than that provided by the brand. On some shoes you will read as well Nice or Nike place.