May 22, 2022

How to properly use digital tools in sport, according to Lionel Roche?

Connected watches, apps of all kinds, websites, videos… The digital tools available on the market to follow your sporting progress, whether you are a beginner, a regular practitioner, a true aficionado or a top athlete, are plentiful. Heart rate, pace, energy or calorie expenditure, distance covered, route, nature of the terrain… The data is countless, but you still need to know how to interpret and use it to optimize your practice.

“Once we know about it, what do we do next?? “. This is indeed the question asked by Lionel Roche, a physical education teacher and teacher-researcher at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir in Morocco since last February.

A Roffiacois (Cantal) who became a teacher-researcher at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco

The Roffiacois has therefore decided to devote a book to the practices and prospects of digital technology in sport, based on the particularly extensive literature on the subject, particularly Anglo-Saxon, but never exploited. Thus, over nearly 200 pages, it lists and presents the results of research on the digital tools most used in sport (video, 360° video, virtual reality, smartphone apps, machine learning, etc.) and the clearly identify one by one.

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The goal?? “Enable performance improvement,” he explains. Because all these tools are good, but only if they add value. I am not saying that it is useless, he insists, I am saying that it is useful and that they are effective according to the conditions in which they are used, in a particular context”.

“All these tools are good, but only if they add value”
He also wishes, through this book, to allow “all those who wonder about the uses of digital technology in the field of sport, to escape commercial logic and flirtatious speeches”.

Originally from Mentieres (Cantal), Stéphanie Chambaron, appointed research director at INRAE ​​in Dijon

Testimonials from specialists in the field support his work. Like Nicolas Besombes, known and recognized in the field of eSport, Philippe Fuchs, expert in virtual reality or André Tricot, who prefaces the book in his capacity as a French specialist in digital uses.

Sport and digital, practices and perspectives, published in early November by Territorial editions, in the Presses universitaire du sport collection, is on sale for €55, or €45 in a digital version.

Isabelle Barnerias