January 23, 2022

Harley Davidson Sport Glide by Cyril at HD Saint Etienne

He has waited 29 years to buy a Harley-Davidson, it’s done with this brand new Sport Glide. It’s not really his first Harley, anyway, he tells us about his new bike at Route 42, the HD dealership in Saint Etienne.

Cyril: I have a Sport Glide. I am 49 years old, I have been waiting for 29 years to be able to buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, it became popular, I was able to buy it and have fun. This is my second, I took the plunge 3 years ago, a very nice Low Rider too. I love the noise, very satisfied with the look, the handling, the bike. It was a 103 engine and this is a 107. The Sport Glide is more comfortable, better braking, and the position of the feet on the ground very flat. I have a little storage too and if I want to carry a passenger around, they’ll be seated better than on the Low Rider. There are lots of little points that make that. And then we have fun too.

What are you doing with your motorcycles, and that Harley-Davidson Sport Glide?

Cyril: It’s as soon as I can. As soon as I have a free moment on my work, as soon as it is sunny, if I find someone, it’s a way to decompress. I have to do 10,000 a year. We can’t do everything, we have to work, the family, we can’t ride every day as we want. I am past the age to ride in all weathers. I will be part of the chapter again this evening (note: the day I visited, the chapter meeting was the same evening). There is a driving course that interests me because I like to improve myself. I’m not a pilot and we have bad habits. The program is the same with the new bike, ride to the max and have fun. This is the goal, the sharing and the passion for motorcycles. Not particularly technical, it’s riding, discussing, riding in a gang, it’s full of little things like that.

Thank you Cyril for this discussion around your brand new Harley-Davidson Sport Glide at Route 42, the HD dealership in Saint Etienne. Good rides to you on his handlebars!