July 4, 2022

Gérômois Sport evening: what’s up, doctor ?!

The evening was moderated by Jérôme Jan and Maxime Laheurte who gave the floor to sports assistant Karine Bédé to start the festivities.

The evening was moderated by Jérôme Jan and Maxime Laheurte who gave the floor to sports assistant Karine Bédé to start the festivities.

After a year that we will qualify as a shortage for sport in general, this edition of the Soirée du Sport Gérômois had had time to mature and prepare well. A great mass which was in a way placed under the sign of novelty.

New for the duo of presenters since Maxime Laheurte succeeded Régis André and thus joined Jérôme Jan at the microphone. And with regard to the benchmark elected, it was Karine Bez who had the honor of introducing this meeting of athletes. During her speech, the deputy wished to recall that the pearl of the Vosges had 4,255 licensees, or nearly 54% of the population distributed in about fifty clubs and sports associations (including the two new clubs of karate and aeromodelling) as diverse as they are varied. But that’s not new, Gérardmer is definitely a sports city. What it is, however, is the city’s sports department, which recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new executive assistant in the person of Lisa Perry. She therefore joined the service director Cyril Carru and the 27 agents already in place who occasionally receive the support of around fifteen seasonal workers.

Karine Bedez also mentioned the many municipal structures made available to clubs and schools like the two gymnasiums that we no longer present, but also certain lesser-known sites and yet just as appreciated as the street air. workout or intergenerational AI located near the EHPAD (without being exhaustive!). Soon, it is the aquatic and well-being center (CABE for those in the know) which will delight locals and holidaymakers: ” The goal is the Christmas holidays »Said the assistant concerning the opening of the premises. The agents have already been recruited and are in the starting blocks to welcome the Sunday swimmers or paddlers as well as those who will participate in the many activities that will be offered on site (aquagym, aquabike etc.). In the wake of this promising new equipment, 3 new beach volleyball courts will emerge from the ground and will delight those who enjoy diving in the sand… We are already looking forward to it!

Patrick Mény (archive)

Patrick Mény

New again and again with the Facebook prize “Your reunion” which was awarded to the young swimming club with fins (created in October 2020) which wins a bowling evening for all the members of the association. Recall that the city of Gérardmer once again offered to sports associations to participate in the photo competition set up as part of the Gérômois Sport Evening. Sports associations in Gérôme were invited to take a creative photo on the theme: “Your reunion”. Broadcasting and public voting took place on the Facebook page. As for the president of the club Valérie Georgeon and her members will meet soon at CABE and invite you to join them to practice this very complete sport and pleasant to practice in swimming pool as outside. Finally, note that a new prize was awarded this year: like the prize of the Municipal Youth Council of Gérardmer, the newly formed Municipal Council of Seniors also awarded a trophy. And it is the unalterable and unspeakable Patrick Mény who has received the recognition of his peers, he who is always involved in local associations and sports after having been a remarkable practitioner, especially in rowing … And it is through this last prize that the evening ended with the hope of having a year 2021-2022 full of competitions, sporting events and titles for local athletes!

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