July 7, 2022

Garmin’s Epix sports watch is reborn in Gen 2 with an Amoled display


Launched at the same time as the Fēnix 7, whose design it takes up, the Epix Gen 2 sports watch is distinguished by its Amoled screen, for a more attractive display, at the cost of a few hours less autonomy.

Garmin Epix Gen 2

Introductory price €799.99

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The first Garmin Epix of 2016. © Garmin

The first Garmin Epix of 2016. © Garmin

Released at the time of the Fēnix 3, in 2016, the first Garmin Epix watch was distinguished by its LCD touch screen, its square format and the integration of base maps giving it in particular expanded capabilities for hiking.

Imposing, it took over all the functions of the Fēnix 3, making it a real robust multisport GPS watch.

Common design, very different screen

Six years later, as the market evolved, the Fēnix 7 also became tactile and capable of displaying base maps. So we had to find something else to distinguish this new Epix Gen 2, which incorporates all the features of the Fēnix 7. No rectangular format this time, the difference is in the display technology. The Epix Gen 2 indeed embeds an AMOLED screen instead of the transflective screen of the Fēnix 7.

The different colors of the Garmin Epix Gen 2. © Garmin

The different colors of the Garmin Epix Gen 2. © Garmin

A much more discreet change in appearance, since the Epix Gen 2 takes over the design of the Fēnix 7. Unlike the latter, which is available in a more compact version (Fēnix 7S in 42 mm) and larger (Fēnix 7X in 51 mm), the Epix Gen 2 is only available in 47 mm format.

It thus incorporates a screen with the same diagonal as that of the Fēnix 7, i.e. 1.3 inches (3.3 cm diagonal). However, its definition increases significantly, from 260 x 260 pixels to 416 x 416 pixels, for better display finesse. Much brighter, this screen can also remain on permanently, to the detriment of the autonomy of the watch.

Autonomy still high, but reduced

It is moreover on this precise point that the shoe pinches, since from 22 days for the Fēnix 7 Sapphire Solar in connected watch mode and up to 173 days in energy saving (with active solar charging), the Epix Gen 2 goes up to 16 and 21 days respectively. In GPS use, the autonomy drops to 42 hours, against 73 hours for the Fēnix 7.

It’s still better than the 11 days of the Venu 2, and still significantly better than many other sports watches, but this AMOLED screen version is not intended for lovers of long-distance adventure or ultra trail running. , for example.

Regarding prices, the Epix Gen 2 starts at €900 in its classic version with steel bezel and silicone strap. The version with sapphire crystal glass and titanium bezel costs an additional €100.