January 23, 2022

French sport, the Lose Bible, you have to laugh!

The French Federation of Lose is the creation of a bored group of friends who love sport who, knowing perfectly well the multiple mysteries of the web, have created a site dedicated to “ lose »In French sport, with a few pages, of course, on other countries which have shone at this level.

You have to pronounce “ louze And not lose, as we learned at the start of our schooling. And for good reason, if we said lose in good French, that could lead to confusion. The listener, the one who hears but who does not read, could hear and understand “shad” and therefore think of this magnificent river fish very present in the mouth of the Gironde (I recommend the small establishments, in spring or summer, in Macau between Bordeaux and Lesparre, where, by the river, you can taste, after frying smelt or gouge, a grilled shad with vines. . A delight) (and he is a bon vivant, an unparalleled gourmet, who says it, Editor’s note).

So if you hear “shad”, you might think that you are dealing with a cookbook or the art of removing bones from fish (shad is filled with very fine bones, this is for that which is traditionally filled with sorrel, the acidity of which will dissolve the edges during cooking).

In summary, you have to say “ vines Since it is the English term, to say bad luck, defeat. Finally, it is useless to say it because everyone had understood the deep meaning that this federation, not recognized of public utility (it should be so much it works of history by listing many facts which sometimes can, unfortunately remain unknown) defends in order to admire, magnify, the most beautiful French sporting defeats, especially when victory was obvious.

Ah, the French panache during the defeat. We find everything, especially total bad faith. We lost because it rained! To believe that it only rained on the France team and not on their opponent of the day. And what about the reflection of Marat Safin (that is, he is not French, but he should be because of his lucidity): « I tried to play smart, it didn’t work. It’s not my game. ”

With that, all is said and my review should end there. But I continue a little because I did not specify that this publication is above all a book with stripping humor, which, above all, makes people laugh and not just a little.

From the start the humor, the real, French style pierces. Above all, you must not miss ” the frieze of lose “Which is the history beginning at Genesis” there is no more human in the garden of Eden in the second week », To end on June 13, 3 022 “After a Frenchman prepares to serve for the match ball at Roland Garros and concludes a food shortage of 1,039 years, an asteroid falls on the grounde ”. It is evident that on December 25, year zero, when a certain Luigi was born in Bethlehem, Nelson monfort was present to cover the event! This one, not the other in a miserable manger.

Of course the French do not lose more than the others. There are even some who win, they are part of the blacklist that you will find at the end of the book! But the French lose better, have a rather special relationship with defeat. Moreover, we often remember the loser more than the winner and Poulidor is the symbol.

How often, the French are presented, praised, especially by the media, as winners “Natural”, normal, and end up in a total rout. And whatever the sport: rugby, tennis, football, cycling, etc. In this book you will learn the almost wins, the tips and other mechanisms of losing, mental cracking, magnificent defeats and so on!

Yes, let’s be proud of our defeats, and let’s be sure that until asteroid 3 022, the French Lose Federation has a bright future and a lot of work ahead of it.

Let’s join the FFL, long and fun work awaits us. Let’s not aspire to rest and let’s contribute to the preservation of the French culture of losing!

The Losing Bible of French Sport
Marabout editions. 29 € 90