July 1, 2022

Fitness club: get paid to play sports!


, through Nicolas monier

Union Sport & Cycle and GoMyPartner will pay the French up to 10 euros to bring them back to sports halls and thus support the franchise networks in the sector. Hoping that this will stop the bleeding of subscribers.

Faced with the leakage of subscribers which continues in sports halls, Union Sport & Cycle and GoMyPartner have joined forces to finance French sports practice throughout the month of January. This campaign, supported by the Minister Delegate in charge of Sports, the National Sports Agency and the Be Sport social network, aims to bring our fellow citizens back to establishments that have been heavily neglected since the health crisis.

Thus, from January 3, 2022, GoMyPartner will reimburse 10 euros to all French people on their first sports expenditure of the year (subscription, card purchase, single entry) in the 6,500 partner clubs. This offer is valid in fitness rooms, 5-a-side football, basketball or padel courts, yoga or crossfit studios, climbing rooms, swimming pools, etc.

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“Thanks to the support of Union Sport & Cycle, the commercial sports leisure sector is fully mobilized to promote the benefits of sports practice in France”, explains Grégory de Radiguès, vice-president of Union Sport & Cycle.

And also co-president of the Keep Cool brand to continue: “this is why, by jointly initiating this Bouger + campaign and allowing all French people to obtain this help, we want to help them protect themselves against health risks while supporting the world of sport in this difficult period. ”

Disappointing September and October

Beyond the laudable intention, this operation comes at a time when sports halls are struggling to refuel. Indeed, at the beginning of December, Union Sport & Cycle revealed the latest figures concerning sports halls. “With a decrease in turnover of -30% (vs 2019), the sports halls recorded a record loss this month. Sales of new subscriptions fell again by -21% (compared to -14% in October) and cancellations are up 6% ”, then specified Union Sport & Cycle.

And the organization reminds that the attendance of cinemas by workers aged 30-60, as well as seniors, is down respectively by 15.5% and 16% compared to 2019. Especially since September and October were very disappointing and did not allow the gyms to consolidate their cash flow and their customer base. This operation is therefore welcome to try to reverse the trend.

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