January 23, 2022

Does exercising in cold weather burn more calories?

As the cold sets in and the trend is towards a rich and sweet diet, the practice of physical activity is recommended. But does it really help fight fat?

Dark days earlier and earlier, freezing rains, snow in some departments… At a time when temperatures are dropping – and motivation with it – playing sports outdoors is a challenge.

However, physical activity in the open air seems invigorating and even helps strengthen your immune system. In addition, the cold requires greater adaptation and the body will spend more energy to maintain its body temperature. Thus the body will trigger its “fat burning” and calorie elimination effect.

Weak effects on weight loss

While fat is actually burned, the amount of calories expended is relatively low.

The impact on weight loss is also almost zero. To lose weight, it is better to eat healthily and practice regular physical activity.

On the other hand, playing sports at low temperatures has another advantage. The cold acts on pain, especially in the joints, thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Some precautions to take

Joints more strained, muscles more vulnerable to injury, exposed bronchial tubes … Exercising in the cold requires some precautions.

Covering, light and warm equipment is necessary especially for extremities prone to frostbite. To reduce the risk of respiratory disorders and muscle trauma, a gradual and long warm-up is also essential.

Finally, in any weather, hydration remains essential.