January 26, 2022

Do you already want to quit sports? A shrink comes to your rescue

If you have decided to get back to sport at the start of the year, well done! But we know that making good resolutions is easy, keeping them is less so. A psychologist comes to the rescue.

We are in January and you may have made the resolution to resume sport – Where maybe you just want to get back to it seriously after the holidays to face the long winter days more calmly?

Full of enthusiasm, you might have bought a new outfit or a pair of sneakers, or even a water bottle. To get it right and not limit yourself you might even have to download a sports app like FizzUp. Very well done, it offers 250 sports programs and 1000 exercises with daily training schedules.

And despite all that, it’s the tragedy you are lazy! Sometimes wanting to do something isn’t enough, and all the goodwill in the world doesn’t solve all problems. But why is it so hard to continue playing sports and how can you put the odds in your favor? The clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Camille Voisin gives us some avenues for reflection.

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“The right relationship between small challenge, objective and degree of satisfaction”

Being physically active is also beneficial for your physical and mental health and your morale. So according to the psychologist, before starting, the important thing is not to set goals too high so as not to get disgusted quickly :

“Better start with small goals and gradually increase them, and be in a form of kindness to yourself. “

Benevolence is perhaps the key word. For the specialist, before getting started, and like anything else, you have to be able to distinguish why you are going back to sport: “What makes it important for you to go in the direction of this objective? ”

Once these two conditions are met, that you can determine your goal and why it is important for you to reach it, you will be able to access what in psychology is called the feeling of personal efficiency. According to Camille Voisin, this feeling is the source of motivation:

“It’s the confidence factor of self-esteem. The feeling of personal satisfaction is correlated with the efforts that are made and the results associated with it. The result is the satisfaction of having succeeded in accomplishing something on your own. “.

Credits: Andrea Piacquadion on Pexels

You know what you have to do before you jump into physical activity. But how do you really stick to it without getting disgusted by it?

Why it’s hard to resume sport after a long break

Camille Voisin offers an explanation:

“So I don’t know if this is just physical activity or, in general, all the things that cost or require effort. Exactly, there may be the idea that we will not get there and that we will not hold on to the length, especially if you have bad memories of your last try.

If the last time you tried to do things that were too difficult for you and the efforts were costly and the feeling of personal efficiency could not come about, you were disappointed in yourself: this is necessarily difficult to re-motivate for an activity that has caused in us a feeling of failure and personal dissatisfaction. “

If you find things that match your needs and real desire (and not those that echo the Instagram account of a fitgirl who has done this every day of her life, editor’s note), the goals you set for yourself will correspond to lower expectations but more easily accessible. Suddenly, we can no longer be satisfied.

Once again this notion of objective is important. remember that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone by engaging in a physical activity! Your sessions are only for you and you will feel the benefits first, both on your body and on your mind.

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Sport as therapy, even alone at home

Camille Voisin has already “Prescribe” sports sessions to some of his patients – rather practices where attention will be at stake, such as yoga which is a form of meditation.

« This type of practice allows you to focus your attention on yourself, which can allow anxious people to divert their attention to something other than what may be a source of anxiety. »

For several reasons, some people are not very group lessons. And that’s okay, the important thing is to want! This summer already, I was talking to you about the FizzUp application which offers a plethora of possibilities for practices and offers you ultra-personalized support.

Registration lasts two minutes, during which you answer questions in order to follow the program best suited to your level and your goals – are you a man or a woman? Is your goal at the moment to sculpt, to get thin, to be in shape, to be an athlete? How many times a week do you exercise?

For the psychologist, apps can be a good thing:

“It all depends on the tone of the message delivered during the accompaniment by notification and by email.

An application which explains to you that you are a big draw – even on your humorous tone because you have not done sport for three days – it is to be avoided for me. On the other hand, an application that explains to you that the objective you have given yourself is for your own good and that it can only be beneficial.

Kindness is the most important. Having a follow-up as the FizzUp application can offer is very good for someone who wants to challenge themselves. “

Do you already want to quit sports? A shrink comes to your rescue

The FizzUp sports application supports you in your resumption of sports activity

  • The application is completely customizable, it offers you programs adapted to your level, your goals and your schedule.
  • You are supported thanks to motivating notifications and coaching determined according to your needs and desires.
  • In each discipline, the teachers offer you gentler alternatives for each exercise.
  • FizzUp offers a rather impressive range of short programs, easily doable from your living room, without the need for special equipment.

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Do you already want to quit sports? A shrink comes to your rescue

How to stay focused on the long term?

Camille Voisin gives us her advice:

” All depends on its purpose. To last over time, we have to find sports that really meet our needs. This implies identifying what we are looking for and not trying to correspond to perceived requirements.

It is not because we see challenges, or that a technique is good for losing weight that it should be reproduced. The important thing is not so much to lose weight as to take care of yourself. So it all depends on what you choose to put on and play sports. “

Contrary to what we can regularly observe on social networks, the psychologist advises against the “before-after” before we start to make comparisons. She explains :

“I’m not sure it’s psychologically advised. If the personal cursor is only focused on that, it is dangerous.

There may be the desire to always have more results, and to be always thinner, always firmer … It is a question of being vigilant, to the stakes and to the objectives to be achieved and to” be much more benevolent, more playful. »

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Do you already want to quit sports? A shrink comes to your rescue

Can we really consider sport as therapeutic?

Camille Voisin has a qualified opinion:

“Sport has hormonal virtues that make you feel good physically and mentally. It is therapeutic as such. There are sports that also promote a concentration of attention on oneself, such as yoga.

And in this dimension, it can be therapeutic to take care of yourself through sport and to be satisfied, to manage to do it for x or y reasons depending on the objectives that you have set for yourself. If we maintain our sporting activity on a regular basis and thatwe do it for ourselves, in line with the needs, desires, it is in my therapeutic sense.

After that, I would qualify anyway by saying that if you are doing well psychologically, having a physical activity is not compulsory. If you have a good relationship with yourself and a good relationship with your body, that you are in a form of global acceptance with a good relationship with your emotions and that nothing is overflowing in this case: There is no reason to play sports … except for fun! »

The FizzUp application adapts to your needs thanks to a customizable offer

  • 250 sports programs
  • 1000 exercises
  • Daily training schedule
  • Session creator
  • Programs Play and streaming
  • Abs / cardio / muscu / yoga / meditation / stretching

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So you will understand, if you can not stick to your sporting goals, don’t worry too much and be gentle with yourself. Maybe the sport you’ve chosen isn’t right for you, your goals are too high, or you haven’t chosen to engage in physical activity for the right reasons?

If you ever can’t do it on your own, know that great apps like FizzUp can help you be proud of yourself and your performance. You can get there by starting slowly, but surely!

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