January 18, 2022

DIJON: Video conferencing sport, the new trend to keep fit

In these periods of recommended distancing, compulsory health pass to practice indoor sport, the Dijonnais Jérémy Solbès offers sport at home or at your workplace by videoconference.
Meet this new trend sports coach.

Since March 2020, our lifestyle has changed a lot and the practice of sport has become a little more complicated. If during confinement, the French embarked on various sports activities at home, the motivation quickly disappeared, when freedom regained. Despite everything, returning to indoor sports remains subject to certain obligations.

To overcome these constraints and restore everyone’s desire to practice a sport without risk and health constraints, a Dijon resident, Jérémy Solbès, sports educator with a diploma in professional youth, popular education and sport (BPJEPS), has just launched the concept, sport by videoconference.

Jeremy Solbès : “It’s a formula that works well in these periods when distancing is strongly recommended. No need for a health pass, to be vaccinated, to use hydroalcoholic gel, or to wear a mask. Everything takes place at home via a computer screen. It is a system which is becoming more and more important and which allows those who want to play sport without risk of contamination, to do so ”.

Who is this formula for?

“This formula is suitable for those who do not necessarily have the time to move around the room. And then in the evening when it is dark, or in cold weather, you can afford to stay at home and play sports with a sports coach at home, but behind your screen ”

How it works ?

“Very simply. By videoconference, we connect to a site defined between the athlete and myself. Before each session, we talk, we exchange, we take stock of the work we are going to do and then we launch the session. I show and explain all the exercises in detail. Then you make the movements that I watch and at any time I can correct and correct you as if you were next to me in person. It is personalized support. There is a real follow-up ”

Exercises for all profiles

“I offer different formulas such as circuit training which allows you to do several exercises of 30 to 40 seconds. There is the Tabata method which comes to us from Japan where we will work on music for five minutes with 20 consecutive very intense seconds. Hiit is a method based on high intensity interval training to burn as many calories and fat as possible. There are fitness and well-being sessions in a calm version, such as Pilates and stretching where we will work the deep muscles. And of course cardio for intense periods where you will sweat well without forgetting muscle building to tone your body ”

Do you have to have your equipment?

“I mainly work on body weight, so we don’t need any equipment. But we can have a little basic gear, like simple plots for doing cardio. I have what it takes for face-to-face sessions. For video sessions, a small mat for more comfort is sufficient “

Who are these sessions for?

“Really to everyone. You can follow these sessions alone, as a couple, with your family, with your children, with friends and even with your office colleagues between noon and 2 p.m. I offer special sessions to companies which are more and more adept at sport for their employees. These are really à la carte sessions that I adapt according to the people and the sporting past of each one. If you get into sport, like good resolutions for 2022, my sessions will also be adapted ”

Face-to-face sessions

“I also offer face-to-face sessions. I travel at home, in companies or outdoors, such as at Parc de la Colombière in Dijon, for personalized sessions at any time of the day. I also have the possibility of supervising people with disabilities through various games and adapted exercises ”

Norbert Banchet

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