July 2, 2022

Carcassonne: what sports players will remember from 2021

For the last week of the year, we asked various players in Carcassonne life what they will remember from the twelve months that have just passed. If five themes were selected, our speakers in each of them benefited from total carte blanche: they are free to come back to local episodes related to their sector of activity, to national events, even international… or both. They all take stock of what 2021 was like through their feelings and their personality: today, the world of sport is expressing itself.

Nicolas Giné, coach of the FAC (Football Agglomeration Carcassonne) pennant team: “What marked me in 2021, at the FAC level, is the departure of our president Patrick Janot and his replacement in the offseason by Guillaume Boson. It’s a big change for a technical staff. The methods are changing. and, it is our duty to adapt. And to be honest, things are going extremely well. In September, we started on new bases. “

What Nicolas Giné also remembers is the good start to the FAC season: “We play at the top of the table, we have the best attack … We were predestined to play the maintenance and finally, we find ourselves looking up … Our real satisfaction is the contribution of our young people . Valentin Saforcada, 17, and Samir Ben Brahim, 19, for example made an exemplary first part of the championship. They are young people who go up and who want it. They are gifted … This proves that it is not useful to nothing to look elsewhere for what we already have at the club or on our territory. In any case, we have no choice. Our vector of progress, we know very well that it is training. “

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The match he won’t forget? “Our victory against Sète, 4-3, at home thanks to a goal in stoppage time. This is our benchmark game this season.” In the next two to three years, the objective of the FAC is to climb to Nationale 3.

The football event that marked Nicolas Giné in 2021: “The disillusionment with the Swiss in the round of 16 of the European Championship and the defeat of the France team on penalties.“Hard indeed …

Christian Labit, manager of US Carcassonne XV: “The match that I want to keep in mind at the end of 2021 is our victory over the wire at Colomiers in November, 17 to 16. This match gives us back momentum, enthusiasm, character , ambition. This victory and especially the manner modify our state of mind. ” As we play the 80th minute, Christian Labit asks his men to play the penalty in hand, and to try for the victory. Successful bet. “I felt that the players were going to do it. The audacity paid off. We really wanted to score this try. We had the determination. This part gave us a line of conduct, values.”

Christian Labit, manager of USC.

The event he holds on the international scene: “The victory of the Blues against the Blacks. France was very strong but it must also be said that the New Zealanders were not well. But the Blacks remain the Blacks and a victory against this team remains a highlight.” Christian Labit does not forget the performance of Union Bordeaux-Bègles (UBB) in the lair of Racing 92 at the end of November with this 37-14 away victory: “They had a fabulous second half. It was really very successful. This feeling of strength brought by coach Christophe Urios is impressive. He is one of the best technicians in France. With Christophe, we are We have not started coaching with star teams. He built Oyonnax, without him Bègles would not work so well. I like this kind of coach who knows the fundamentals. Christophe Urios, it is strength and humility in the work. “

The deputy mayor in charge of Sport, Yazid Laredj, looks back on the passage of the Tour de France in Carcassonne in 2021: “This arrival and this start of a stage last July were a very highlight in Carcassonne. It was a great source of pride for the city, especially after this period of health crisis. I was very happy since it was a first for me as deputy delegate for Sport. I was able to measure all the popularity of the big loop. And all the benefits for the city: According to a study by the Ministry of Sports, for one euro invested by a stopover city, it is between 5 and 9 € to win. This is very interesting for the community. The immediate benefits in terms of consumption for, among others, restaurants, hotels, are enormous. Not to mention the advertising benefits of an event broadcast in 190 countries (in 2021, the City, Agglomeration, Department and Region each invested around € 50,000). “

Yazid Laredj, Deputy Mayor in charge of Sport.

Yazid Laredj, Deputy Mayor in charge of Sport.

In 2022, there is a new start with this time an arrival, a departure and a day of rest: “This will remind us of 2016. I am delighted. To be honest, basically, I am not a fan of cycling, but I really discovered a fabulous universe. I had great encounters with Christian Prudhomme , the director of the Tour, or former cyclists for example. The state of mind is excellent. Even if for the elected official that I am the pressure is mounting a few days before the arrival of the Tour in our city. is a superb experience, especially since last October, I was able to attend the presentation of the Tour … “

For the rest? “Carcassonne being the base camp for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and a playground for the 2024 Olympics, I have no doubt that Carcassonne will continue to play its full part in the organization of major international competitions in the near future.”

Tomorrow: the world of culture.