July 1, 2022

Breteuil. Florian Tomblaine is a karate referee, suffering from dyspraxia, “this sport has calmed me down”

On the right, referee Florian Tomblaine shows concentration (© Le Réveil Normand)

Just let him talk about karate to realize that Florian Tomblaine is bitten by it. He who discovered tatami mats at the age of 5, at the Breteuil club (Eure), found in this rigorous martial art a way to channel himself.

“It calmed me down”, emphasizes the 21-year-old Bretolian with dyspraxia, learning disorder that disrupts the daily life and schooling of the child.

“Enforce the regulation”

Why this sport? “I love the story of its creation, how the practice has developed over time with its many genres”. In Breteuil, moreover, we practice Shôtôkan.

But what caught the eye of Florian Tomblaine was not necessarily to be a fighter but rather to be on the other side. The arbiter, the judge, the one who enforces the rules.

“It was when I saw my sister, Amandine, who has been in karate refereeing for 15 years, that I started to take an interest in this aspect”.

It was four years ago. Today, more than ever, the Bretolian does not regret his choice. “I really like the atmosphere that can reign on a tatami between the competitors”.

In 2018, he will complete a year of internship. Then obtain a federal diploma in departmental arbitrator.

“I like knowing how to react to combat situations during competitions and how to apply the rules. The gestures and the technical terms also appeal to me a lot ”.

Volunteering in the blood

It must also be said that his exceptional memory capacity allows him to assimilate, retain and quickly understand the specificities of the arbitration of this martial.

Already a departmental referee, the next step for Florian Tomblaine is to be a regional referee
Already a departmental referee, the next step for Florian Tomblaine is to be a regional referee (© Le Réveil Normand)

Accompanied and helped by Hamid Ben Lahoucine, regional arbitration manager, Florian Tomblaine will very quickly prove his qualities, his sense of rigor and his professionalism.

The Bretolian has always been involved in volunteering. “I have it in my blood since I was little, I invest a lot in the club and its different categories, with the parakarate, baby and children sections”.

Bursting with energy, he had to adapt to the regulations which “change every year with the aim of enhancing the value of the competitors and the referees”.

Important element, self-confidence. “Faced with karatekas, the referee must win, be respected and give voice. He is the one who manages the fight. At the beginning, it is not always easy ”.

Another essential quality is concentration. “This sport requires the referee to be focused at every moment of the fight. And this, to make the best decisions ”.

From pupils to seniors, the duration of the fights can vary. “It can range from one minute and thirty seconds to three minutes.”

Florian was rewarded by the Committee for Youth, Sports and Associative Commitment and Volunteering

The categories in which he officiates the most are the minors and cadets (approximately 9 to 13 years old). “For senior fights, the organizers favor national referees”.

“I want to become a regional referee”

Florian Tomblaine can also wear the judge’s costume. What is the difference ? “The judge, on the side, allocates the points, equipped with flags, the referee, in the center, manages and can stop the fight”.

Dressed in the official attire – black shoes, gray pants, navy blazer and navy tie – for four years now, he’s been at nearly 300 fights. This does not prevent him from wanting to progress and take advice from experts.

Recently, in Vimoutiers (Orne), he was awarded by the Youth, Sports and Associative Commitment and Volunteering Committee.

The next step for Florian Tomblaine is to be a regional referee. Perhaps in February 2022 if the health crisis does not once again play the spoiler.

“In the back of my mind, I want to obtain the Federal Animator Diploma (DAF) and then the Federal Teacher Diploma (DIF). For that, I will have to put on a brown and then a black belt. Currently, I am a blue belt. It’s important to set goals ”.

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