January 26, 2022

Bitshiabu, Michut, Simons … RMC Sport takes stock of the PSG Titis

Paris Saint-Germain have a very good squad for their first season team, even if the game has not yet lived up to expectations. Unfortunately, that leaves the club-trained players with little chance. This Tuesday, RMC Sport took stock of the Parisian Titis who are wondering about a place and a future at PSG. It is about El Chadaille Bitshiabu (central defender of 16 years under contract until 2024), Bandiougou Fadiga (middle of 20 years under contract until 2022), Teddy Alloh (left side of 19 years under contract until 2023), Nathan Bitumazala (18-year-old defensive midfielder / right-back under contract until 2023), Edouard Michut (18-year-old midfielder under contract until 2025), Xavi Simons (18-year-old midfielder under contract until 2022 ), Ismäel Gharbi (17-year-old midfielder under contract until 2022), Manissa Ouffela (20-year-old midfielder under contract until 2022) and Alexandre Fressange (20-year striker under contract until 2022).

“The majority of professional players from the training center are looking for a way out. This is particularly the case for Nathan Bitumazala or Teddy Alloh.

It can also be for Edouard Michut. His representative has planned to take stock with the club for details on the second part of the season before making a decision. Those close to him do not understand why a player trained at the club is not considered a full player.

« For Xavi Simons, the prospect of a departure at the end of the season is more than likely. “

For Xavi Simons, the prospect of a departure at the end of the season is more than likely. The case of El Chadaille Bitshiabu will also be studied by management. Angers would like to recover the defender on loan. Finally, Paris is still seeking to sign a first professional contract for most of its players born in 2004, including Ismaël Gharbi and Ayman Kari. We must not forget either that the club still has three players born in 2001 under contract until next June who no longer play at all: Massinissa Oufella, Alexandre Fressange and Bandiougou Fadiga. The three are looking for a club in January. “

This medium being generally reliable and all the more about the young people of the PSG, one grants a certain confidence to the situations described here. It is clear that we can fear several departures of talented players, since there is not really room for them in Paris. At least, it is not granted even when there are many absences for a match. We saw Rafinha (mid-28) play bits of matches that could have been opportunities for young people.

Not to mention the times when coach Mauricio Pochettino does not use all possible changes. There is something to be discouraged and therefore open up to other options. Of course, discussions and changes are still possible, but it is very difficult to be optimistic. Particularly in the case of Simons, with an end of contract which is approaching. We must now wait to see if PSG will be able to reassure Titis with a real project. Except that it seems complicated to solve this problem soon when this is not the direction taken by the staff.