July 7, 2022

Basketball. Pre-National Men: Caen-Hérouville and Alençon in high hen

Dominique Mpondo assaulting the Ifoise racket. (©SLR Photos Basket)

In PNM, the play-offs saw each other Caen-Hérouville and theASPTT Caen, as well as’Alencon and Ifs, Saturday, December 18, 2021. These matches aimed to send two of them to the high pool and play the climb to N3. At the end of these two meetings, it is the Caen-Hérouville Union and the USBD Alençon 61, which emerged victorious and therefore join Equeurdreville and Cherbourg in the high pool, to face the Haute-Normandie teams.

USBD Alençon 61 58 – 53 CB Ifs (18-13, 6-12, 19-16, 15-12)

For the first match of the evening, Alençon, second in Pool C, received Ifs, third in Pool D. The Ifois, deprived of their best scorer, Victorien Szwaja, were able to play their luck, responding to the impact physics of Ornais players, especially in the indoor sector. The game itself is a real mano-a-mano, where defenses are in play and no team can pull away. The long-awaited duel between two big players in the championship, Mamadou Ndiaye and Paul Madeleine, kept all its promises, especially from a defensive point of view. Fortunately for the Ornais, the Ifois cracked face the ridges of Dominique Mpondo inside at the end of the match, which allowed Alençon to finally win 58-53.

Latifa Rhennam (USBDA): “A play-off remains very complicated, especially in the absence of Christophe Leroyer and Jeremy Pécourt. I just want to congratulate the group on this victory. When I speak of the group I also speak of the absent. To close this first phase, special mention to my captain Romain Lavedrine for the work done since the start of the season within the group outside the field and on the field. Thanks again to the audience. Now it’s time to rest. “

USBDA Brand: * R. Lavedrine 12, B. Monnier 7, J. Levrard NPJ, * T. Dejoux 7, T. Le Royer 0, * Mr. Ndiaye 16, * A. Leroy 4, * D. Mpondo 12.

CBI brand: *L. Cosnefroy 6, * C. Lerouvillois 1, * P. Madeleine 12, H. Moulin 2, * M. Boutouil 7, * S. Gibert 4, F. Mohamed 0, *TO. Queval 14, G. Govrich 7, X. Larose 0.

Union Caen-Hérouville 84 – 52 ASPTT Caen 2 (25-18, 26-12, 16-14, 17-8)

A match full of promises before the meeting: a derby from Caen, N3 players who came as reinforcements, there were all the ingredients to make it an explosive match. In the end, it never really was. Union Caen / Hérouville players went straight into their match by being very aggressive from the start. Aggressiveness to which Brice Boula’s men could not respond. Result, +21 for the premises at half-time, where the meeting was already almost folded. The Postmen manage to delude themselves in the third quarter, but are dominated in almost all aspects of the game. Author of a new big collective performance, the players of Caen / Hérouville will therefore be the only representatives of Calvados in the high pool with this 84-52 victory over their neighbor Caennais.

Christophe Marguerite (UCHB): “A match that we approached with a lot of seriousness and determination. The stake of the match, a place in high pool, the reward of the investment of the guys since mid-August. The team was keen to show that we deserved our place. In view of the team presented by our opponents, several players from NM3, we expected a real basketball game, the public had come in large numbers, there was only … But for that you have to be two… Too bad. A somewhat disputed first quarter but it was only an illusion. Mass was said at half-time with +21. More aggressive, more voluntary, our evening opponents were not able to worry about the second act. Once again, a great collective performance (52 pts cashed, 7 players over 8 pts) which validates the work done by the players. Well done to them and to the Union staff. Thank you to the leaders and volunteers of Hérouville. We will be able to cut a little with the truce, well-deserved rest. Good luck to Fawzi who was injured on Saturday. Happy Holidays to all 🏀🏀. “

Brice Boula (ASPTT): “A game that we had to win away to go to the high pool and ensure our maintenance. We did not know how to face a great team from Union Caen / Hérouville. We could not prepare well for our meeting and be in the best conditions for this match due to absences during training (injuries, work, others…). The Christmas break is timely, we are going to take the opportunity to recharge the batteries and treat the ailments in order to be operational for the second part of the championship. Happy Christmas and New Year to all. “

UCHB brand: * A. Marguerite 6, * S. Wahl 13, G. Jonot 0, Y. Camara 10, * J. Gnohere 8, * YT. Gadegbeku 5, C. Lenormand 18, *O. Attila 2, R. Lof 10, S-N. Diaw 12.

ASPTT brand: *F. Benladdi 10, N. Dziuk 2, *T. Beucher 7, *Y. Monteiro 2, *J. Ingueza-Moussinga 7, K. Mohamed-Salim 0, *P. Debray 11, J. Basnier 5, A. Schiebold 6, B. Tual 2.

A first phase of PNM which ends with Equeurdreville, Cherbourg, Alençon and the Union Caen / Hérouville in high hen and therefore in low hen, ASPTT Caen, Ifs, Ouistreham, Caen Sud, Bretteville sur Odon, Saint-Lô, Vire and Pays d’Auge.

Happy holidays to all and see you soon for the second part of the championship. Who will go up to N3? Who will descend to R2? To your predictions.

Top 5 scoreurs :

  1. Clément Lenormand (Caen / Hérouville): 18 points
  2. Mamadou Ndiaye (Alençon): 16 points
  3. Anthony Queval (Ifs) : 14 points
  4. Samuel Wahl (Caen / Hérouville): 13 points
  5. Dominique Mpondo (Alençon): 12 points
  6. Paul Madeleine (Ifs) : 12 points
  7. Samba Nor Diaw (Caen/Hérouville) : 12 points
  8. Romain Lavedrine (Alençon): 12 points

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