July 7, 2022

Basketball. Caen dominates its Mulhouse dolphin and keeps its leadership

Bryson Pope once again played a major role in Caen BC’s victory against Mulhouse.

Who can stop the Caen Basket Calvados on the road to the Pro B? The road is far too long, again, to say that the CBC will evolve on the upper floor next season, but he sent a new strong message, Friday, November 19, 2021. Despite a sometimes irregular performance, the Caen have dominated their Mulhouse dolphin without ever being led (77-70). In a sold-out Sports Palace, they complete the first leg of the regular season with 11 wins for only two losses.


27-16 / 16-16 / 13-15 / 21-23

CAEN: Bracy-Davis 12, Thibedore 10, Noël 10, Romain 4, Diamé 4, then Pope 15, Saumont 3, Ona Embo 5, Austin 6, Wiscart-Goetz 2, Landry 3.

MULHOUSE: Mensah 13, Serrano 6, Diehl 16, Durand 12, Mackey 5, then Skoczylas 3, Grebongo 8, N’dir 1, Ndoye 6.

Kevin Bracy-Davis.
Kevin Bracy-Davis.

Caen was able to rely on a sparkling start to the match to lead the race. Led by Gide Noël and Florian Thibedore, he quickly widened the gap in the first quarter (20-4, 7 ′). The first rotations resulted in less control, but the Caennais still had a nice mattress at the end of the first quarter (27-16, 10 ‘). This is the only quarter that Fabrice Courcier’s men have won.

Caen then alternated the good and the less good

This advantage in his pocket, Caen alternated the good and the less good. Mulhouse had the merit of hanging on despite an address left at home (35-28, 16 ′ then 61-51, 33 ′) but the Normans were never really worried. A 15-0 in the third quarter (65-37, 27 ′) swept by a 0-10 in stride (56-47, 30 ′), however, revealed the local concentration jumps. The end of the match, which allowed Mulhouse to limit the goal average to -7 while it was led by 17 lengths to 1’30 from the end, reflected this relaxation rather well.

Séraphin Saumont.
Séraphin Saumont. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

What does it matter! The CBC continues to garner and is ideally positioned before the start of the return phase, on December 3, 2021 against Pont-de-Chéruy. The 3000 spectators gathered at the Palais des Sports can savor.

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