January 25, 2022

Automotive. The Normandy Motorsport League is getting closer to Lisieux

The Normandy motorsport league could, in the coming weeks, leave Rouen to join Lisieux. (© Le Pays d’Auge)

Motorsport in Normandy, since the end of the summer, has been written with a new president: Pierre Ragues. The story should continue with a change of seat for the Normandy league, which would leave Rouen for Lisieux. An extraordinary general assembly should be convened in January so that the members of the league can decide on this change or not of site.

After football, the city of Lisieux could well register in the coming weeks the arrival of a second league on its grounds. Indeed, the Normandy motorsport league is in advanced discussions with the city of Lisieux… to settle there. It would therefore leave, in the wake of the arrival of Pierre Ragues at the helm of motorsport in the region, the city of Rouen to join Lisieux.

“I want the opinion of the licensees”

Pierre Ragues, president of the Normandy league.

The arrival of the Normandy motorsport league in Lisieux is therefore more than in the pipeline. Pierre Ragues, the new president, confirms: “We met the city of Lisieux. We had a good meeting with the elected officials. Lisieux is in the center of Normandy. We are not far from the countryside but also from the highway. We are also close to Haute-Normandie. This is a good solution. The regions are large but for everyone, the choice of Lisieux is consistent. There will be pros and cons. By statute, we are obliged to convene an extraordinary general meeting to validate a change of site. In addition, it is normal that the decision rests with the general assembly. I want the opinion of the general assembly to make the decision. There will be pros and cons but it’s always like this… “And the new president of the Normandy league also intends to change habits:” We want to hold receptions and meetings with our league. We want to have a league life at headquarters. Under these conditions, the objective is to hold this extraordinary assembly in Lisieux in January so that everyone can express themselves on the subject ”.

“Glad to welcome them”

Corinne Lejeune, deputy mayor in charge of sports for the city of Lisieux.

As for the city of Lisieux, Corinne Lejeune, deputy mayor in charge of sports, welcomes this possibility: “We will, of course, be happy to welcome the Normandy motorsport league to Lisieux. If the league comes to Lisieux, we will also have every chance of being able to be on the starting line to host the final of the Coupe de France rallies and inevitably, with this in mind, we are even more delighted to see the league. of Normandy to get closer to Lisieux. “

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