May 24, 2022

At Passais Villages, Johanne will offer sports suitable for pregnant women and suitable for pregnant women and young mothers

Johanne Mousset will offer physical activities for everyone from September 2021 in Passais-la-Conception commune of Passais Villages (Orne). (© The Free Publisher)

Native de Passais-la-Conception (Orne) delegated municipality of Passais Villages, Johanne Mousset is sports educator. From September 2021, she will offer adapted sport to pregnant women and young mothers.

A sports fan

Johanne is a fan of sport. She discovered and practiced many disciplines throughout her schooling, particularly at René-Goscinny college, on Wednesdays with the UNSS (National Union of School Sports) then at Lavoisier high school in Mayenne, with 13 hours of lessons per week between handball, the sport option, the sports association on Wednesdays and personal practice.

Johanne has touched on a lot of different sports, individual and team. Currently, she is more focused on football and handball.

Two diplomas

Johanne obtained two BPJEPS (Professional Brevet for Youth, Popular Education and Sport) in team sports and physical activities for all alternating with the Ambrières-les-Vallées handball club. “These trainings allowed me to adapt the sessions to different audiences with my work-study program where I supervised young people from 4 to 20 years old and with my training where we received different audiences: people with disabilities, young children. , the elderly. I was really well surrounded by my trainers and the Ambrières handball club where I learned a lot, in particular thanks to Jean-François Bonnel, the president ”, underlines the young woman.

Since 2020, Johanne has been working at the Torchamp nature center, on a seasonal contract. But what she is looking for is a stable job as a sports educator in the sector. “I couldn’t find anything,” she says. It was during my prospecting that I realized that there was a demand for physical activity for everyone ”.

Adapted sessions

Johanne decides to take the plunge and create her job. She has followed training and others are planned with the CRAF2S in Colombelles, with a view to offering group sessions for pregnant women and young mothers from September 1, in Passais-la-Conception, on Thursdays at 3:15 p.m. at 4:15 p.m., also in private lessons and on the move.

The sessions will be adapted to this audience, depending on the progress of the pregnancy and after childbirth. They will include muscle strengthening, stretching for back pain thanks to tips that physiotherapists and sports educators specializing in young mothers have given me, and finally relaxation.

Johanne Moussetsports educator

Also on the program: cardio for adults (muscle building with music), gym for seniors and multisport for children from 4 to 11 years old. “I really like all audiences. I have fun with everyone ”.

At the beginning of November, the young woman will extend these activities to Pilates. She will adapt the sessions to people with staggered schedules (caregivers or working in 3 × 8), in the morning or in the evening. Johanne will intervene within a radius of 20 km around Passais.

Contact: Johanne Mousset, or [email protected]

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