January 25, 2022

aid for the sports sector, penalized by gauges in sports arenas

At the end of a meeting in Bercy, the ministries of sports and the economy confirmed, Tuesday, January 11, that companies in the sports sector limited by the gauges introduced to counter a new wave of Covid-19, could have recourse to partial activity.

As soon as the announcement, at the end of December 2021, of the reinstatement of gauges in sports arenas (5,000 outdoors and 2,000 indoors), for a period of three weeks, the sports ministry had indicated that the sector would be helped without go into detail.

“The partial activity without out-of-pocket expense is reactivated for structures facing the limitations of gauges and the ban on the sale of drinks and food in establishments open to the public, and those which lose more than 65% of turnover. business’, therefore specified the Ministry of the Economy, SMEs and Sports.

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They will also benefit from the aid ” fixed costs “ for December 2021 and January 2022 in the event of loss of ” more than 50 % “ of sales. “This system allows companies to benefit from aid compensating 90% of the operating loss (70% for companies with more than fifty employees)”, ensures the executive. Works are ” In progress “ with regard to exemptions from social contributions.

Towards proportional gauges

Compensation for loss of ticketing, which has been put in place twice since the start of the health crisis, and which was mentioned in early January, is ” in the study “, we also told the sports ministry. Companies in the sports sector also benefit from the general measure of the possibility of extending repayment periods up to ten years (instead of six years today) for loans guaranteed by the State.

Regarding the gauges, currently fixed, an amendment voted in the draft law on the vaccination pass – still under examination – could pave the way for proportional gauges if the health situation evolves, and according to the ” characteristics “ The establishments.

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“There will be a floor beyond which there will be proportional gauges”, said the Minister in charge of sports, Roxanna Maracineanu, last week, with definition of a ” percentage “, in the event that the health situation changes and all this once the bill is adopted. The prefects will have room for maneuver in this device, we learned from the same source, device which must be specified by decree.

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