May 22, 2022

after confinement, release!

The fenua athletes were impatiently waiting for this moment: to practice their activity beyond the imposed kilometer during confinement. Today, everyone appreciates going further. A benefit for the body, a liberation for the spirit.

It was time ! Reconnecting with the kilometers in the mountains is Brigitte’s pleasure. After a difficult confinement, it finally finds its marks on the 7 kms of the road from Vaitavere to Punaauia. A real breath of fresh air in the heart of nature. “It’s especially good for morale, for the head, in nature, to stay at home. 1 km is not enough … During confinement, I ran around my house, it was monotonous. Then I ran around the neighborhood. Today is freedom, it was about time, I hope there will not be a second confinement “, says Brigitte a jogger.

Sunbathe on the water, not on the terrace

Like Brigitte, Michael and his friends once again enjoy being on the water for a foil session. A pure pleasure to slide again on the waves, without any restriction. “It is that after a while to be confined, it is a bit tiring. Suddenly, it feels good to go out to sea and to be able to move freely”, specifies the young man.

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Raiarii, paddle fan, thinks the same thing: “it feels good, since confinement I had trouble playing sports, those who live next door [de la mer] are lucky to surf, those who live further away, sorry for them “.

Sport over 1 km

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In this game, the rowers are not left out, they once again appreciate training as before. This is the case of Terenui, rower, who notes that “It’s more pleasant to sunbathe on the water than on the terrace in fact!”

The longer it is …

Practice your sport beyond the imposed kilometer, “It’s even better. At a minimum, you have to do 40 to 50 minutes of sport to be well. More is even better”says Milton Laughlin, va’a educator.

Sport beyond 1 km

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In terms of outdoor sports, the Faa’a va’a center will welcome around fifty children from the neighborhoods on Saturday morning for various water activities. A recovery expected by all after 1 month of confinement …