January 24, 2022

Advice for choosing between the EPPCS specialty, the EPS and the sport option

In general high school, sport is compulsory. All students, unless there is a medical contraindication, follow the EPS subject. Pupils wishing to practice more sport have the choice between the option and the specialty. Coralie Jourde, sports teacher who teaches the sports option and the EPPCS specialty at the Ambroise Brugière high school in Clermont-Ferrand, enlightens you on your choices and gives you her advice on revisions.

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The differences between the teaching of the common core EPS, the sport option and the EPPCS specialty

EPS Option EPPCS Specialty
Hourly volume / week 2h 3h 4h in Premiere
6h in Terminale
Theoretical learning There are not any – Lead a session
– Make a presentation
-Health, well-being, physical condition
– Know how to carry out a complete training?
– Professional sports world
Hands-on learning Sports among 3 fields * Sports among 3 fields * Sports among 5 fields *
Project There are not any There are not any Organization of a sports project
Evaluation 3 continuous assessment assessments assessed by your teacher and another from the high school 3 continuous assessment assessments assessed only by your teacher – a live practical test
– a filmed practical test
– a writing
assessed by a teacher outside the high school
Student profile All Sportsmen Postgraduate studies in the field of sport

* A field is a sport category. In high school, there are 5 sports fields: timed (running, swimming), in uncertain environment (climbing, kayaking, CO), artistic, collective (in a team, in a duel and / or with a racket), and the sports of self-maintenance.

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Being a sports teacher, journalist …: towards which professions does the EPPCS specialty lead?

The EPPCS specialty is aimed at students who wish to make sport their profession. The obvious pursuit of studies is a license from STAPS to be a sports teacher but not only … Coralie Jourde clarifies: “The specialty is designed for all students who want to work in connection with sport: sports journalism, physiotherapy, sports trade, sports management, psychomotor skills, sports events etc. What you learn during EPPCS will be useful for your future studies. Take notes. Even at the gym, bring your notebook! Then, you can supplement them with your personal research the same evening or during the week. “

Why take the sport option at the Bac?

Unlike the students of the EPPCS specialty, the students of the sport option do not wish to make sport their profession. They are athletic students who want to practice more than the 2 hours of weekly EPS. However, theory is also important in the option curriculum. At the end of Terminale, the student must be able to lead a complete session of lessons / sports practice, from warming up to stretching. He must know how to do research to feed his presentations. In fact, in Première you will have to give a group presentation and in Terminale you will do it alone. The option is a real commitment of 3 hours per week. It will count for a coefficient of 2 in Première and 2 in Terminale as part of the continuous assessment. Thus, if you follow the option during the two years, your marks will count in total for a coefficient of 4 in the final mark of the Bac.

The EPPCS specialty teaching program in Première and Terminale

The balance between practical contributions (2h30 in Première) and theoretical (1h30 in Première) is a foundation of this teaching with transversal skills.

The practice of the EPPCS specialty is more developed than that of EPS and the option because the students practice more varied sports. The teachers offer, as far as possible, sports different from those of the common core. Find out more.