January 26, 2022

A new sports hall for Saint-Palais | Kirola

The project for the future Airetik hall provides for the development of a sports area of ​​1296 m² and a dojo of 296 m². © DR

The Airetik room is too narrow. Pelota, basketball and handball coexist as best they can within the premises. The three sports grouped under the same sporting identity of the USSP Amikuze have a hard time training. After many years of discussions, the Basque Country Urban Community voted on November 12 the appropriations for the creation of a new room near the Airetik room.

The budget of 4.5 million euros will make it possible to build a sports complex of 2,645 m². A 250-seat grandstand will also be created. A climbing wall could even be built in the future, thus making it possible to accommodate a new discipline.

Three clubs in the same room, it’s complicated

“This is a file that dates back five or six years. The problem is, the investments are expensive. It was obvious that we had to create a new element for athletes ”, specifies Arnaud Fontaine, mayor of Osserain-Rivareyte and vice-president of social cohesion, precariousness, family and health and community sports facilities.

In fact, infrastructures can be unsuitable. “We do not have approved land. Here the Airetik room is not the right size ”, explains Céline Morève, the treasurer of USSP Amikuze Handball. The club even had to request an exemption from the sports authorities to be able to practice. “It’s the only room we can play in today. Three clubs in the same room, it’s complicated, ”she emphasizes.

For inter-club meetings

If three sports coexist, judo also needs more space. “We will have better reception conditions for our judokas. At the departmental level, the future dojo will be adapted to host competitions. One-off uses of the sports hall are planned. We are in the process of putting all this in place in parallel with the progress of the project, ”confirms Anita Coudeneau, president of the USSP Amikuze Judo.

The few slots available for the various sports associations prevent athletes from training more than once a week. And the organization of inter-club meetings is a real headache. “We are also obliged to use the Aïcirits room, we are duplicated. Every weekend we fight to play matches to the nearest half hour, it’s a hassle. We do not even have enough to accommodate a team, ”recognizes Maitena Etchegaray, president of the USSP Amikuze Basket. The creation of this sports complex is a real relief for all associations. “We are very happy. We are waiting impatiently ”, rejoices Maitena Etchegaray.

The first works are expected by fall 2022 for delivery scheduled for September 2023.