July 7, 2022

a national training center for inclusion through sport

It’s a new profession that is being invented in Garges-les-Gonesse. From this Thursday, the city of Val d’Oise is welcoming the first vocational training center preparing for the profession of sports inclusion coach. 100 coaches and 540 sports inclusion facilitators will be trained from 2022 using a method tested for five years by the Agency for Education through Sport (APELS) with coaches from the Garges-les-Gonesse boxing club. For five years that they have tested the method, the coaches of Val d’Oise have enabled more than 1,500 young people to find work.

Sport in the morning, professional project in the afternoon

Their target: the young people of the district, from 18 to 30 years old, few or no graduates at all and to whom it is necessary to put the foot in the stirrup. Get them out of bed at best, sometimes off the streets too. Their tool: sport and its values ​​that can be transposed to the world of work. “They love sport, they have a competitive spirit, often great determination”, describes Emmanuel Dos Santos, integration manager in the Val d’Oise for APPELS. “Our job is to make them discover the skills they have within them and to help them demonstrate them in job interviews.”

All this via an intensive six-week program. Sport in the morning. Boxing, muscle building, jogging. Sometimes very early, at 8 am “to wake them up well, teach them punctuality. We will demand it of them when they are in business, they have to be accustomed”, laughs Jeyssah Marcel, one of the coaches, herself a four-time French amateur champion. Also to test them, recognizes Emmanuel Dos Santos. “Getting up early is hard for them, it also shows their motivation.”

Emmanuel Dos Santos, former coach of the Garges boxing club, has become an integration manager for APELS. © Radio France
Faustine Mauerhan

Relooking, job dating

In the afternoons, another atmosphere. Make way for professionalizing workshops. How to write a CV, an application. Makeover workshop with their partner “la tie solidaire”. Maintenance simulation to work on posture and behavior. Then job dating session to take the plunge and try to get training or better yet, a permanent contract.

A proven method. In Garges-les-Gonesse, “we have 70% positive exit for each promotion”, welcomes Emmanuel Dos Santos. “Because we know young people, we have always seen them in the neighborhood, they trust us, we explain to them in our own words why it is important to register for the local mission, they follow us on job forums. “

It must be said that coaches go to great lengths to find partner companies that are worth the effort. Jobs in animation, banking, transport. “Good situations” to convince those furthest from employment. “Some young people make 200 euros in a day, just by watching out for the towers for the dealers”, regrets Emmanuel Dos Santos. “With a job paid at minimum wage, they laugh in our face. So it’s up to us to offer them jobs that will allow them a decent life.”

And it exists. We work very well with the transport authorities to direct them to the positions of bus driver, paid 2,000 euros per month with adaptable schedules “or crane operator, a profession that is in fact well paid and which is recruiting in Île-de-France.