May 14, 2022

A Mario sports game is looming, provided he gets back to football!

Shooting the ambulance is not fun for us. In all sincerity, we preferred the time when Mario was a plumber. At least back then, the sports games in which he and his gang fought each other were more fun. Have you experienced the balance and progressive feel of Mario Golf and Mario Tennis RPGs on Gameboy and Gameboy Advance? The fun of a game of Mario Slam Basketball or better, the enjoyment of the Mario Strikers series? We do, and unfortunately Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf: Super Rush haven’t had the same impact on us.

In truth, Mario sports games are so disappointing these days that we only rave when we find the plumber behind a sport and these are not the sales scores of the Switch games mentioned above, nor even those of Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics, which will contradict us. And yet, in spite of all this, it would seem that Nintendo, in its dust removal business, would plan to put his ex-plumber back in the sport. In any case, that’s what the latest rumors seem to indicate.

Yes, yes, rumors, again, but what do you want? When Big N is holding back, you know damn well it’s the fans who are leaking. And, once again, that is what is happening here. The predictions that follow come from Zippo, a user who, casually, has the bottle in terms of leaks and rumors. And it is in a series of posts devoted to his wishes for the year starting that the latter would have shared hallway noises and predictions, one of them concerning a possible return to the stadium for the pot-bellied hero.

What for ? Tennis again? Apparently not this time. According to his conclusions, the last holder of his sources that Bandai Namco would be in charge of the development of the title, it could well be a RPG/animated with waifus new football or baseball game. Why ? Still according to him, simply because the publisher was responsible for the football and baseball modes of Mario Sport Superstars (average game because superficial released on 3DS). And, if his opinion should count a little more, he believes that it is around the sport that is played with a bat to reap attention.

You believe it, do you ? We, okay. Already, does baseball make anyone dream here? This sport is well established in the USA and Japan, but the popularity of this sport remains very localized and it is hard to imagine such a title competing with the others in the top 50 of the Switch. Football then? Undeniably, a horse we find more reason to bet on. Indeed, this year, Qatar hosts the World Cup. The discipline should naturally benefit from an international spotlight, the ideal opportunity for Mario to put on his cleats and for Nintendo to pile on the mesh. And yet, even if the stars seem to align behind this project, we are still not dreaming.

Why ? Because whatever football game Nintendo or Bandai Namco could throw at us, it will never be of the caliber of a Mario Strikers. Mario Strikers, and more particularly the Wii episode of 2007, was the very example of a fun game. Nintendo was looking to make the Wii shine with its gimmicks and its console with multiplayer experiences at a time when the competition favored single-player experiences instead. Deal. Of course, the title had flaws. The content was meager and the characters unbalanced, but the fun was instantaneous, notably thanks to the arcade approach, but also the nag feeling, as abnormal for a Big N game as it was exhilarating.

So let’s take this opportunity to send a message to the giant: Nintendo, if you hear us from the top of your Ivory Tower, we want you to know that we are not necessarily asking for a Mario Striker. What we expect from a sports game with Mario, already, is care, love for the characters and the universe, an intuitive and instantly fun handling that does not rely on gimmicks s exhausting after three games (like in your Mario Golf: Super Rush). In short, we expect games with a soul (so if in fact, a Mario Strikers, that would be really great). On good terms!