May 23, 2022

a Loto Foot jackpot to be won per day

This is a PARIONS SPORT operation that will certainly be remembered by all players: a jackpot to be won per day during an exceptional week. If we take stock of the best tipsters or bookmakers on the market, such an event has never happened.

The operator puts into play the astronomical sum of 3,800,000 €. So, it must be understood that punters and players of all levels will be there. This operation will take place from September 27 to Sunday October 3, 2021.

What will it be possible to bet on?

According to our sources, it will be possible to make predictions on the Champions League, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Premier League, Serie A or even La Liga. To the delight of punters and football aficionados, there will be: a football lotto jackpot to be won per day from September 27th. With a super jackpot of 2 million euros at the end of this incredible week organized by PARIONS SPORT.

Here are the details of this operation:

  • € 150,000 to be won on September 27 at Loto Foot 7
  • € 750,000 at stake for the Champions League on September 28
  • € 150,000 once again for Loto 7 in the Champions League on September 29
  • € 250,000 on the Europa League at Loto Foot 12 on September 30
  • € 150,000 in Loto Foot 7 on October 1
  • € 200,000 in Loto Foot 8 on October 2
  • € 2,000,000 on October 3 at Loto Foot 15 will be shared between La Liga, Premier League and Ligue 1
  • € 150,000 in the Loto Foot 7 in Ligue 1 will close the end of this exceptional operation.

So betting friends, if you are motivated to participate in an unprecedented operation, it will be up to you not to miss its 9 days of madness with PARIONS SPORT. You will understand that it is not every day that this happens and it will also be necessary to ensure that all this is of course supervised by the ANJ. Because even the best tipster in the field of sports betting must have a strong back to offer a promotional offer of this type.

How to succeed in your sports betting and put all the odds in your favor?

You have to understand one thing. Just because there is a lot of money at stake doesn’t mean you have to jump in with your eyes closed and do whatever it takes. There are methods to be successful in sports betting or at least to put all the odds in your favor. The best prognosticators have developed prognostic techniques in order to have the most good results possible.

However, if you are a beginner or even confirmed bettor and want to try and win the jackpot put into play by PARIONS SPORT, there are a few rules to follow.

Among its rules, the most important will be the analysis of your future prognosis. For this, it will be important to do as much research as possible on the meeting on which you want to bet. It will be necessary to analyze the previous matches of the teams which will face each other and to review all the statistics.

You must also take into account anything that could influence the outcome of the match, regardless of the teams. For example, look at the scoresheet, absent players and the impact that could have on the game depending on the importance of its last.

Finally, to put all the chances on your side in order to win the jackpot of 3.8 million euros put into play by PARIONS SPORT, a glance at the weather forecast and the news of the players in the media and on the social networks will also be beneficial.

Remember, only bet if you have the ability and the financial ability. Remember, even the best tipster adopts a thoughtful strategy.

We will be sure to relay all the important information to you before and during this operation.

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