May 24, 2022

4 tips for getting into it and staying in shape

Sport allows you to clear your head and take care of your physical health. How to keep moving while working remotely? What sports do you prefer? Flavie Lefèvre, pilates and yoga teacher and marketing director at Urban Sport Club, enlightens us.

Since the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, telework has become more democratic for most French people. “We have been between confinement, deconfinement, opening, closing for 2 years… This has a huge impact on physical health”, warns Flavie Lefèvre, pilates and yoga teacher and marketing director at Urban Sport Club. The fact of moving less can lead to risks related to a sedentary lifestyle. “The pandemic has also impacted mental health. However, according to a study carried out by the IFOP in 2020 for Urban Sports Club, 60% of French people consider sport as a means of decompressing, of defining a professional and personal life, while the two have become more and more intertwined since we have been working from home.”

During a day at home, you have to take a moment to do good to your body and mind. “25% of the courses carried out via Urban Sport Club were carried out online thanks to telework, this indicates that the are very flexible and that they have become accustomed to opening their computer and doing a course. in line.” Discover 4 pro tips to get into sports while working remotely and to keep in shape.

1/ Listen to your body

There is no perfect time to exercise. “You have to listen to your body. Some people have more energy in the morning, others at the end of the afternoon. It also depends on each person’s schedule.” For her, it is important to move, no matter the moment. “Feel free to put a slot for sports in your agenda, so your colleagues can’t zoom in instead.” It is advisable to prepare a corner in its specific housing for the sport: “Put your sports stuff clearly visible so you don’t forget to do your session. Then, why not plan time slots with your friends or colleagues to motivate yourself together.”

2/ Opt for a varied routine

“It all depends on the space you have, but we always manage to fit in a space for a mat. So you can get into bootcamp, yoga, pilates, dance, boxing if you push the furniture a bit …”, says Flavie Lefèvre. Low-impact sports are best if you live in an apartment and don’t want to bother your neighbors.

“The most important thing is to have a varied routine, because the body gets used to the movement and little by little it will spend less energy, you have to change to allow the body to be challenged and to function efficiently”, advises the coach. Thus, it is ideally necessary to mix cardio sessions, muscle strengthening activities and activities focused more on mobility and stretching. “To strengthen your mind, why not complete your routine with a meditation session.”

3/ Be careful not to hurt yourself

“No, I do not advise against any sport in particular. However, you have to be careful with your postures, your alignments so as not to create pain. Finally, if you are in pain, you should not force it”, says Flavie Lefèvre. “If you take live online lessons, it’s convenient because the coach can be there and correct placements via your camera.”

4/ Get motivated every day

When you are teleworking, you move less. Movements are often limited to going back and forth between the kitchen and the living room. “You have to move a little more than normal and integrate as much movement as possible into the day”, warns the coach. “So, don’t hesitate to integrate movement, by going for a walk before starting the telework day for example.” The specialist advises doing a little sport every day, but in a varied way. Plus, you don’t need to invest in expensive machines or other gym gear. All you need is a mat and be inventive: “dumbbells can be replaced by bottles of water, for example. The most important thing is to keep moving for our mental health. Faced with a lot of fatigue and exhaustion, sport can act as a energy catalyst.”

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