July 7, 2022

3 electric bikes to buy in 2022

The year 2021 was particularly eventful for the cycle industry, which had to face multiple challenges, and unfortunately concomitant: the Covid paralyzed the Asian factories (at the least positive case, the Chinese tend to quickly close a assembly line, or even an entire factory) which produce a very large part of the frames and spare parts. But the Covid is also responsible for a gigantic mess in the major Chinese and Japanese ports: sea freight is lining up, delays are piling up, and the perverse consequence is the explosion in the cost of a container. (multiplied by 10 in one year …). Wondering why the prices of bicycles and parts have soared in recent months? You have the beginning of an answer!

And all of this comes at a time when global demand for bicycles is exploding. Obviously, this situation generates great frustrations among buyers who multiply the visits to specialized stores in the hope of finding the rare pearl, but stocks are extremely reduced. The order lead times sometimes exceed 12 months when the chosen bike contains very specific parts. In short, cycling is on the rise, but at the worst possible time.

In 2022, everyone is hoping for a lull, even if the managers of the big brands remain very cautious. And on the assumption that the situation will improve, we have concocted a small selection of recommended and recommendable bikes for different practices. The cyclist, the sportsman or the loafer have very different needs: 3 electric bikes have been selected by us for each “discipline”. Follow the leader.

A VAE for the ride

Mustache Saturday

The Mustache Samedi in entry-level version.© Moustache

The French manufacturer Mustache is known for its bikes which are very elaborate in terms of design. Beautiful objects whose prices can quickly soar, but the range of urban models starts fortunately around 2000 € with the Samedi 28. Unlike many competing bikes, the Samedi 28 leaves the customer the choice between a classic frame and a frame without a top tube to facilitate accessibility (except on the entry level, with a specific geometry). Open or closed frame, it’s up to the buyer to decide!

The very particular hanger of Mustache Samedi, one of its signatures ...
The very particular hanger of Mustache Samedi, one of its signatures …© Moustache

The first prize, at 2099 €, already starts on a quality Bosch set with the Active Line motor and the 400 Wh battery, more than enough to cover at least 30 to 40 km while constantly requesting the Turbo mode, delivering full power. of 250W, and much more on a flat road while saving battery. The Mustache 28 range is very complete with the presence of a suspended seat post (to improve comfort), more torquey engines and more generous batteries.

WE love

  • Comfort, thanks to the 47 mm tires, suspension fork and seat post
  • Proven peripherals (Shimano, Suntour) allowing you to have your bike serviced / repaired in most stores, easily
  • The raised position, the access facilitated by the open frames
  • Finishing
  • The presence of mudguards, luggage rack, lighting and kickstand as standard
  • Sufficient autonomy, even very generous depending on the version

We like less

  • Prices quickly salty as soon as you move up the range


From € 2,099 (public price, excluding any discounts).

A eBike for sport

Canyon Neuron:On

The first prize is already particularly well endowed, and very powerful.
The first prize is already particularly well endowed, and very powerful.© Canyon

Are you determined to tackle mountain bike trails and tracks, to enjoy the wildest nature, but are you a little tight on the heart or physiological level? Paradoxically, the all-terrain electric bike (VTTAE) has not only appealed to an older audience, or physically reduced (as a result of an illness, or an operation, for example): regulars of classic mountain biking have become they too turned to this new way of exploring forests! The autonomy offered by the battery makes it possible to consider journeys much longer than “muscular”.. And let’s not forget that an electric bicycle is not a moped: to move forward, you have to pedal, and sometimes force at least as much as on a model without assistance. The only difference is obviously the average speed …

The German giant Canyon (which sells exclusively online) quickly seized the segment by transforming its historic mountain bikes.

The all new Shimano EP8 motor is very efficient.
The all new Shimano EP8 motor is very efficient.© Canyon

The Neuron, the handyman in the catalog, is a bit like the compact sedan in an automobile: an all-rounder, good everywhere without excelling in one area, but capable of climbing and descending efficiently and offering a relatively comfortable position. As often with Canyon, the price / component ratio is almost unbeatable: to find such services in the competition, it is often necessary to add a (big) ticket. The Neuron: We offer the latest generation of Shimano motor, which stands out as one of the best today: progressiveness, energy management, performance, everything is there. The battery capacities range from 500 to 630 Wh, which allows you to make beautiful nature outings taking advantage of the 85 Nm of the engine, and without worrying too much about the charge, which, unfortunately, is a little too slow with the charger. original.

WE love

  • An easy and comfortable position
  • One of the best electric motors on the market
  • A great autonomy
  • Price / performance ratio hard to beat

We like less

  • Bike to finish assembling yourself (even if the tools are delivered with them, and everything is explained very clearly)
  • Limited color choice
  • Charging too slow with original charger
  • Too visible welds (unpolished)


Starting at € 3,699.

A pedelec for the city

Orbea Vibe

The Orbea Vibe is a beautiful product, customizable and light!
The Orbea Vibe is a beautiful product, customizable and light!© Orbea

Orbea offers well-placed prices like a Canyon, but with a little extra: a physical network of distributors. You can therefore see certain bikes in the store and test drive before giving your opinion, which is far from negligible on e-bikes which are often expensive. In the extensive catalog of the Spanish manufacturer, there is an urban model: the Vibe. A very refined machine, where everything is almost integrated: battery, as motor, in the rear hub behind the cassette. It is about a very particular block, the X35 of the German Mahle. Its specificity lies in the fact that it can disengage completely when there is no more battery or that it is deactivated voluntarily.. And since the battery / motor / electronics assembly is compact and light (barely 3.5 kg), we find ourselves almost with the sensations of a classic bike! Convenient, when the charge runs out …

Several configurations are possible, with many accessories.
Several configurations are possible, with many accessories.© Orbea

The range is very rich, some models being equipped with luggage racks, lighting and essential bicycle accessories, such as mudguards and kickstand. Orbea also offers a wide choice of colors, and even the possibility of completely customize the color of the frame, markings and certain specific parts using the “MyO” program. A beautiful object, equipped with an aluminum frame / carbon fork assembly (this choice of materials allows to better filter the small asperities of the road).

WE love

  • Lightweight ! (15 kg)
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Lightweight motor, and discreet when pedaling without assistance
  • Wide choice of colors, options and finishes

We like less

  • Battery fully integrated into the frame
  • Relatively high prices for an urban eBike

Price: from 2399 € (public price, excluding any discounts).