October 16, 2021

How to set up a gym at home?

There are many advantages to owning a home gym Photo credit: Shutterstock

Financial savings, time savings, freedom in terms of schedules … Owning a home gym has many advantages. What criteria should be taken into account when planning? What equipment to invest in? Follow our advice to create a space suited to your home or apartment needs.

Choose a suitable space for sports practice

Start by thinking about the need that your practice will generate, especially in terms of surface area. While it is possible to fit out a yoga studio in an old walk-in closet, you will need significantly more space for a weight room. If you plan to install devices, make sure that you will have room to move around and perform large-scale movements, and that the ceiling height is sufficient. Basement, garage, or attic, plan a minimum of 10 to 12 m2. Make sure that the ground can withstand strong mechanical stresses (jumps, rebounds, etc.). Also take into account the weight of the equipment: a bicycle or rower weighs on average 100 kg.

Designing a gym: the 4 essential criteria

Isolation: It is essential to insulate the floor, especially if you live in an apartment. You can opt for the installation of an insulating underlay under the carpet or parquet. Walls and partitions can be reinforced with soundproofing, and ceilings fitted with sound-absorbing plates.

Aeration: The room must absolutely be well ventilated to renew the air, drive away perspiration odors and prevent humidity. The ideal is that it has a window. If necessary, provide an efficient ventilation system.

Brightness: The light plays on your motivation. The room must therefore be well lit. It is best to set up your gym in a space with a window. Soft light is recommended for yoga or pilates. For the practice of fitness or bodybuilding, bet on more powerful lighting.

Motivating atmosphere: Do not hesitate to install a mirror to enlarge the room and help you correct your posture. Bet on a powerful sound system to motivate you and on a big screen if you want to take lessons.

Well-thought-out equipment for your home gym

When it comes to equipment, it all depends on your activity and the space you have available. The groundsheet is essential (around 20 euros). In addition to comfort, it facilitates movement and allows you to perform many exercises calling on the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. You will also use it for push-ups and jacketing. The practice of yoga and pilates does not require any other equipment, apart from possibly a yoga block (around 10 euros).

Even for muscle building, it is not necessary to spend astronomical sums to play sports at home. Choose simple but versatile accessories such as weights, dumbbells (adjustable in terms of weight), a jump rope, a ball (swiss ball) or rubber bands that allow you to warm up as well as add resistance during exercises like squats, push-ups, or bench press. Count a hundred euros for all of this equipment.

If you have limited space to set up a weight room, opt for the multifunction side of certain devices. Start by investing in a reclining weight bench. There are foldable models to save space (plan a budget of 100 to 200 euros). As for cardio, it’s up to you to choose according to your preferences and the areas you want to work on: treadmill, rowing machine, bike …

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