October 16, 2021

Back to school this Sunday with the Sports Festival at Lac de Soues

the essential
Canceled in 2020 due to Covid, the Sports Festival is back this year. See you on Sunday, September 5 at Lac de Soues. On the program: demonstrations, initiations, activities, refreshments, etc. It’s free!

This year, “we do it”, announces Jean-Yves Mouret. Three words which convey all the joy of the President of the Hautes-Pyrénées Olympic Committee (CDOS) during the presentation of the next edition of the Fête du Sport. Canceled a year ago due to the health situation, the back-to-school sporting event is therefore making a big comeback at Lac de Soues to the delight of the public and the participating sports associations. But also from the town, delighted to welcome “this magnificent event which attracts the world”. Especially since “the sun will also be present”, predicts Jean-Yves Mouret. Without forgetting the support of the Inspector of the Hautes-Pyrénées Academy, Thierry Aumage, encouraging the greatest number to “find the path of the clubs”. And to underline the importance of “the accompaniment of the sports movement for the recovery of the activity of which this symbolically strong meeting is the perfect illustration ”.

The organizers united to make the Festival a beautiful one.

Collective sports, canoeing, athletics, climbing and even combat sports are part of the forty disciplines that young and old will be invited to (re) discover. The opportunity also to meet some of the Bigourdans representatives of high level sport. “We will also promote Pass’Sport and other financial aid for sports, without forgetting the National Universal Service”, invite the organizers.

Stand de vaccination

“The health pass will not be requested but the barrier gestures must be respected. And if we want to resume normal sporting activity, there are not 36,000 solutions, it will require vaccination ”, declares the President of the Olympic Committee. Hence the desire to set up a vaccination stand on the day of the event (location to be specified). Jean-Yves Mouret also insists on the cleanliness of the site. “I hope that when we leave in the evening, it will be the same”, he addresses to all those who will go to the lake of Soues next Sunday.