November 30, 2021

Sport: the Lézardrieux tennis club has doubled its workforce

Olivier Bothorel, President of the Departmental tennis committee visited the Lézardrieux tennis club which has found a new lease of life. (© La Presse d’Armor)

In recent years, the Lézardrieux tennis club knew a bad shape. The pandemic which was passing by there did not help anything, and some even feared that the club would disappear. Finally, not only will the club not disappear, but it is also experiencing a return to form.

With the arrival of two tennis enthusiasts, TC Lézardrieux is moving forward.

Sabrina Le Bozec president

During the general assembly which took place on Friday evening, Sabrina Le Bozec becomes the new president, largely helped by Fanchon Verley, vice-president and secretary.

“But above all, we are very satisfied that the two Hélène (Marfaing and Resche) remain in the office. This will allow a smooth transition. Thanks to them, the club has survived and we are going to try on our side to make it evolve. “

Sabrina Le BozecThe new president

Doubled workforce

While during the last exercise, the club had 16 members (12 young people and 4 adults), this new season starts with a workforce twice as large.

“We felt that there was a real demand with baby tennis, but also with adults. Last year the club wanted to offer adult lessons, but it could not be done. “

Francoise Verley

For a week now, lessons have been able to resume under the leadership of Sabrina Le Bozec for baby tennis, and Mickaël Thorogood for the older ones.

A little international side

For adults, lessons will be taught by Julien floch, the trainer of Tréguier. The courses even have a little international side for the older ones. “Young people have the chance, and have even asked, to take courses in English thanks to Mickaël Thorogood. “

A new plus, which gives even more charm to this small very family club. Latecomers will still be welcomed.

“There are still a few places left on the groups already in place but we could create others if the new registrations arrive in large numbers. “

Head full of projects

If the new leaders have just arrived, the ideas are already bursting in the heads.

“We were able to create this adult group which is a good thing, but now we would like these people to play outside of the sessions as well. This is often the fault of clubs. “

Animations soon

Animations will also be offered:

“This is why we are going to meet with the town hall, which is really supporting us from now on, to establish the final schedules and reset all that. That way, we will have the slots available for leisure and we will register on TEN UP to be able to reserve the slots. “

He adds: “Since the end of August we have also provided a padlock system for playing on the outdoor court. Finally, we will also have as a project to offer tennis at school thanks to our agreement with the tennis club of Tréguier. “

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