November 27, 2021

Spider-Man No Way Home: 5 cult enemies of Peter Parker revealed in new trailer

Without revealing all the secrets of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the new trailer for the upcoming MCU film gives a more pronounced look at Spider-Man’s enemies.

Sony and Marvel have never hidden it, the new Spider-Man adventure will explore the multiverse and will see the return of several characters from other franchises dedicated to the Weaver who, let us remember, has had 3 incarnations since the 2000s: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

If the mystery remains about the presence of the first two alongside the third in No Way Home, their flagship enemies, they are revealed a little more. Five of the six Sinister Six (a gathering of Spidey’s antagonist) are thus shown, without the identity of the sixth laron being revealed. Or maybe another villain isn’t on the program? Response in theaters on December 15, 2021.

The Green Goblin

Sony Pictures Releasing France

Present in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man in the guise of Willem Dafoe, before his son Harry (James Franco) took up the torch in Spider-Man 3, the legendary Green Goblin will make his return to the cinema in No Way Home .

Does the character seem to have several looks in the film, unless he’s not alone and Dane DeHaan also reprizes the role of Harry Osborn he played in The Amazing Spider-Man: A Hero’s Fate? We will have to wait a little longer to get to the bottom of it.

Doctor Octopus

Sony Pictures Releasing France

Already seen in the previous trailer for No Way Home, Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina), straight from Spider-Man 2, seems to be the villain who will have the biggest role in this new episode.

Or at least be the first to land in the world of Peter Parker version Tom Holland, to whom he throws a “You are not Peter Parker” when he uncovers his face, proof that he had not necessarily realized that he had changed universes.


Sony Pictures Releasing France

Played by Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-Man: Hero’s Fate by Marc Webb, Max Dillon alias Electro is also making a comeback in this new film dedicated to Peter Parker.

Whoever offers himself a change of look will he measure up to more than one Spider-Man and will he face Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man again? Answer in movie theaters!

The Sandman

Sony Pictures Releasing France

Present in Spider-Man 3, the Sandman gave Tobey Maguire a hard time before obtaining redemption at the end of the feature film. He does appear to be back on the bad side in No Way Home, however.

On the other hand, we do not know if we will see him in his human form and if he will have the features of Thomas Haden Church again.

The lizard

Sony Pictures Releasing France

Appeared in Sam Raimi’s trilogy without ever turning into a Lizard, Dr. Curt Connors had a major role in The Amazing Spider-Man where he was played by Rhys Ifans.

Is the latter who took over the role in No Way Home? The information is not yet known but one thing is certain, the character will appear in his animal form in the feature film, as shown in the images unveiled this morning.