November 28, 2021

Soccer. Cyrille Lanois: “Mathieu Bodmer, even at 30%, what a player!”

Cyrille Lanois is now assistant coach, in addition to still being a player in R3, at Dives-Cabourg.

At SU Dives-Cabourg, it is part of the historical. Cyrille Lanois, 38, was five when he took his first license at the club. Having gone to Mondeville for three years during his adolescence, he quickly found his first love never to leave. He is now assistant coach and player in the reserve team. Appointed by Jimmy Daigremont, Cyrille Lanois is our quirky interviewee of the week.

Football and you …

What is your first memory of football?

Schoolyard matches with two pole coats.

What has been the best moment of your career so far?

My first first team match (thanks to Mr Phillipe Clément and Laurent Remars) at PTT with a little red card. A trademark for me.

What’s the best game you’ve played?

There are two in a week against Laval and Lorient. We were down by two goals, we reverse the match to win in the last minutes. Heurtematte was on fire.

Who is the player, as an opponent, who impressed you the most?

Mathieu Bodmer, he was playing at 30% but what a player! In the region, Samir Alla, impossible to take the ball from him without fault.

Is there a player you’ve taken your lead with on the pitch?

Too many to name them. But once the match is over, a little beer together and all is well.

Who is the best player you have played with?

It’s hard to name one given the number of good players passed through the SU Dives. But Mamoudou Diallo. Crazy level, quiet strength.

What is the best goal you have scored?

Bicycle every 20 meters, full skylight with the reserve against Potigny.

The gesture that you would like to place in a match?

Double passage of legs. But I risk getting hurt.

Which pro player are you most like in the game?


And physically ?

Cristiano Ronaldo. Children never lie.

The celebration you dream of but never will?

Slide onto the knees.

In Normandy…

Who is the football bible?

Abdel Fougali, he knows everyone it’s crazy!

Who is the greatest simulator?

The Tregoat brothers, Léo and Diego. But what are they good.

Who is the strongest ?

Clement Lequec. That’s crazy.

Who is the best for the third half?

My club because we won the first two so we are happy to stay together.

Who missed his career in another sport?

Yannick Leclerc. Tennis. That I will correct soon.

Among your teammates or your former teammates …

Who has the square feet?

Jordy Tiehi.

Who is the most technical?

Aurélien Thoris, a treat to see play.

Who is the most nag?

Edem Adoueni, there is never a fault.

Who is the most stylish?

Alex Lapisse, still classy at his age.

Who absolutely needs to review their haircut?

Max Verrier, serious, shaves everything, it’s horrible.

Who is the funniest?

Morgan Cauvin, finally, he believes. So his jokes are rotten.

Jimmy Daigremont’s question

Can you assume, now, that it was I who took your place in number 6 at Dives?

Yes Jimmy, we gave you the 6 so I could take the 8. Otherwise, you would never have played.

For a next interview

Who do you designate as the next interviewee?

Mathis Clement.

Do you have a question for him?

Could you tell everyone that you lost in ball tennis by far ???

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