November 30, 2021

SM Caen. Courage, the reserve snatches its third victory

The Caennais of Noé Lebreton got the better of Vitré, in difficulty. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Dominated, abused, the reserve team of Stade Malherbe Caen pocketed three points for courage, Saturday, October 23, 2021. Its solidity and the formidable efficiency of its striker Robin Legendre, in action from the fifth minute of play, allowed it to ‘get his first win of the season at home. Vitré, red lantern of National 2, paid the price (1-0).

The Caen component

CAEN: Obé, Letan, Sy, Boudonnet, Bolumbu, Lebreton, Fortunato, Mouniama, Joseph, Legendre, Bassette. Remp. : Awoudor, Raimbault, Verhaeghe. Not entered: Jopanguy, Tlemcani.

Still great values

Fans of the beautiful game have certainly not spent the best two hours of their lives, but the Weedbeds have done everything they had to preserve the profit quickly obtained. Very solid, to the point that they obtained more clear chances than their opponents, they did not spare their efforts. Not far from half of the team ended the meeting with cramps.

I am very happy with the state of mind shown by the players. It was still a very young team in which some boys did not play in their position, but we won in the mental.

Fabrice VandeputteSM Caen coach
Caen struggled to keep the ball.
Caen struggled to keep the ball. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Still not very prolific in attack – eight goals scored in ten games, three wins with the same score of 1-0, the Caennais amaze in the defensive sector. Against Vitré, Fabrice Vandeputte had not been able to field a single central defender by profession. Jason Ngouabi and Brahim Traoré are injured, Vladislav Molchan is in the first team… Luca Boudonnet, Lamine Sy and Diabe Bolumbu have not yet cracked.

At the end of themselves

At least the Weed keepers continue their personal training. Including in surpassing oneself. “They must learn to suffer,” says Fabrice Vandeputte. The remark was particularly valid for Noé Lebreton, very good in the midfield but one of the first to show his physical exhaustion. Robin Legendre also struggled to finish the match, but it fueled his excellent start to the season. “He has passed a milestone in efficiency,” said his coach.

Robin Legendre continues to be decisive with the SM Caen reserve.
Robin Legendre continues to be decisive with the SM Caen reserve. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

“I would like us to score more goals”

Well placed, he could have received two other goal balls in this meeting. Evens Joseph had favored the individual option, without success. Stevenn Leroux, the opposing goalkeeper, also intervened at the end of the match in front of Thomas Raimbault. Caen had three clear opportunities to break this match. “I would like us to score more goals. We always stay on the line… ”Vitré also had opportunities to come back but came up against his clumsiness or the very good Maël Obé, who is two games away and two clean sheets in National 2. Caen is in the middle of the table before a weekend of respite.

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