November 30, 2021

sending a gift without knowing the recipient’s address becomes possible

The Amazon Prime subscription will make it possible to send gifts even without knowing the recipient’s postal address; a phone number or an email is enough. The function will debut in the United States.

Sending a gift with Amazon Prime

Amazon wants to let you send gifts with a simple phone number or email address // Source: Amazon

Want to surprise someone with a gift? The intention is laudable, but you might have a problem: you don’t know the recipient’s mailing address. The Amazon Prime subscription wants to remedy this hazard, especially since the end of the year celebrations favorable to presents are fast approaching.

Amazon wants to make sending gifts easier

In the United States, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to send gifts to someone by simply entering the person’s phone number or email address. For his part, the recipient will receive a notification indicating which product will be offered. He will then be able to accept the present, decline it or transform it into a gift card to afford something else instead.

If the gift is refused or the person does not respond to the notification after a certain period of time, the transaction is canceled and nothing is debited from the sender’s account.

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The initiative is smart on the part of Amazon, which encourages more people to create an account on its ecommerce platform. You can’t receive the gift without an account – not necessarily with a Prime membership. For the person sending the package, this can be a better way to organize themselves, especially since this year there may be a lot of waiting for package deliveries.

Beware of harassment

There is, however, a concern. How to make sure that a malicious person with someone’s email or phone number does not use this feature for the spammer notifications by increasing the number of gifts at very low prices? Because you should know that the recipient does not have the possibility to deactivate this option. They can simply decline the offer, ignore the notification, or possibly report a user’s abusive behavior to Amazon teams.

This function arrives on Amazon in a few weeks in the United States – only from a smartphone at first – and concerns “millions»Of products, but not all of those that are for sale on the platform. We do not yet know if Europe and France will see this kind of option arrive.