November 27, 2021

Sarthe. Fans of e-sport, they want to launch a space dedicated to this discipline at Le Mans

Mathis Brisard and Killian Rulleau wish to set up a place dedicated to e-sport in Le Mans (Sarthe). (© Frédéric Jouvet / News Le Mans)

Mathis Brisard et Killian Rulleau, alias Fenatikk et Inoshy, are two fervent followers of e-sports.

A passion such as they wish to launch at Mans (Sarthe) a place dedicated to this discipline.

Soon a link dedicated to e-sport at Le Mans?

The two students are president and vice-president of the association Fusion Sport which brings 26 players, some semi-professionals, and around thirty members mainly in Le Mans to manage and coordinate the association.

Also, they hope to emerge at Le Mans a place dedicated to e-sport. “A room so that we can meet there on weekends and that our players come to play together,” explains Mathis Brisard. But the idea is also to open it to the public “to show what e-sport is and tell parents that it is a real job”.

It was frowned upon 10 years ago. There, e-sport is evolving and is developing a lot now. We want to show that in a few years, it will clearly be a job. We want to share this passion and create a new set-up [ndlr : installation/lieu] for the public.

Mathis Brisard

It is also a way for the players of the Fuzion Esport team to find each other other than virtual. “It’s not a structure, it’s a family. This room will strengthen ties even more and will clearly improve social ties, ”he believes.

Fortnite, Rocket League…

“We work in e-sport with players who wear our colors in sports competitions,” says Killian Rulleau.

Fortnite, Rocket League (car and football game), Counter-Strike (shooting game)… the players of the esports team take part in many competitions and achieve good results.

Mathis Brisard initiated the creation of Fuzion e-sport.
Mathis Brisard initiated the creation of Fuzion e-sport. (© Frédéric Jouvet / News Le Mans)

How was Fuzion Esport born?

At the outset, Mathis Brisard had as objective the constitution of a team of players which he created in November 2019. When he comes of age, he takes steps so that Fuzion e-sport becomes a law 1901 association. In the long term, its members are considering to convert it into a company in order, in particular, to be able to remunerate their players.

Competitions that require concentration and a healthy lifestyle. “It’s a real mental job. We have mental and nutrition coaches. “

In addition to competitions, Fuzion Esport carries out many streams (more than 100 hours) on social networks including Twitch where they broadcast their games of video games. “It’s like a bubble: people take pleasure in seeing us play,” continues Killian Rulleau.

Mathis Brisard concedes it: the health crisis was a factor allowing them to increase even more their visibility. “The confinement has put a lot of young people back into video games. There were a lot of competitions. Fortnite is bearing fruit and has allowed us to evolve, ”says the one who also practices judo.

They have even just recruited a size: a player who is part of the top 60 world on Rocket League!

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