November 28, 2021

Sanvignes Vélo Sport: General Assembly «Montceau News

At the start of the meeting, President André Chandet thanked those present, excused some people, and particularly thanked Fabrice Gras Sport Assistant for his presence at the start of the evening because having other obligations that same day, the President took the opportunity to thank him for the support that it brings to us as well as the municipality of Sanvignes and to the Mayor Jean-Claude Lagrange.

André Chandet reported that this Corona Virus (Covid 19) from March 2020 to November 12, 2021 had separated us, no more meeting, little human contact despite past emails, that’s good but does not replace everything. In 2021 for some, the competitions resumed in June timidly certain races at the beginning of the year which did not take place were carried over to July and August which allowed some reunions between friends while respecting the Pass-Sanitary well followed by the organizers that we can thank.

For the SVS the president thanked those who took part, the secretary Aude Demortière gave the races carried out with certain results, namely a place of 1st in 2nd categories of Nicolas Febvre in June 2021 and of the only race of 2020 of March before confinement 1st place in 6th category for Jean-Pierre Dubois. Congratulations to all and to our Feminine Martine for her 2nd place

The time came to pass to the financial results by the Treasurer Sylviane Chandet accompanied by the president to deepen certain subjects, knowing that the results of 2019/2020 which had not been presented due to the end of the meetings, therefore 2019/2020 and 2020 / 2021 was on the agenda.

That is to say a healthy cash flow to restart the 2021/2022 season and adopted by all, the president thanked Aude & Sylviane for their dedication.

And we passed to the vote of the office for this new season which we hope will be less disturbed. The outgoing president asked the licensees present whoever would like to introduce themselves to continue the adventure of SANVIGNES VELO SPORT, complete calm and no show of hands which means no one for the rest After consultation with the former office, André Chandet announced that he wanted to continue this year again, but that it would be high time to think about the future of the Club, which had already been proposed in November 2019, and we are still at the same point in 2021, this said the office is renewed unanimously.

President André CHANDET Secretary Aude Demortière Treasurer Sylvine Chandet

The president thanked them for their confidence and was happy to greet and welcome new people who wish to take a License for 2022 in SANVIGNES and the arrival of a young minimal living in the town who was accompanied by his parents and whom we This makes four arrivals and three departures, which have no connection with the club, the 1st no longer wants to compete, the 2nd the regulations at the level of the categories no longer suit him and the 3rd no longer in the departement. Then we proceeded to the testing of shirts for 2022 since the SVS Club will give them a new one for 2022.

With the same sponsors as those of 2018 knowing that the contract was for 3 years, but with these past two years and the lack of competitions, André Chandet felt that it was quite normal to replace them on these new jerseys, we are renewing our thanks. Then it was the traditional various questions that led us to make the decision not to renew the BAUDRAS race for 2022 (a year still uncertain in terms of health, not enough licensees at the club and therefore too many Volunteers to seek at the outside)

After the photoshoot everyone was invited to have a drink of friendship