November 28, 2021

Rogers denounces the steps taken by Edward Rogers

(Toronto) The family dispute over control of Rogers Communications continued on Saturday. The company denounced the willingness of its former chairman to hold a board meeting with a handful of directors he appointed.

She rejected any decision that will come out of this possible meeting.

Rogers issued a statement on Saturday saying any board meeting attended by Edward Rogers and the five people he named is illegal.

Discord erupted after Edward Rogers tried unsuccessfully to appoint former Rogers CFO Tony Staffieri as chief executive and replace other members of the management team, media reported. .

“Mr. Edwards Rogers’ offer to hold a board meeting this weekend with the directors he has appointed violates the laws of British Columbia, where Rogers Communications Inc. is incorporated. As a result, it will not be valid, ”said Chairman John MacDonald.

According to him, it is disappointing to see his predecessor attempting to act unilaterally by ignoring the interests of the company and all of its shareholders.

Edward Rogers insists his appointments are legitimate.

“The new board and the company have some important things to deal with,” he said via email. I will not engage in debates with the former administrators in front of the media. A board meeting will proceed as scheduled. ”

Mr. Rogers was dismissed from his post on Thursday, but remains chairman of Rogers Control Trust, the family trust that controls the company since it owns 97% of the Class A voting shares.

His plan to appoint Tony Staffieri was reportedly blocked by other board members, including Mr Rogers’ sisters and mother, according to multiple reports.

Edward Rogers refused to throw in the arms. He called Thursday night for the departure of John Clappison, David Peterson, Bonnie Brooks, Ellis Jacob and John MacDonald. He would like to see Michael Cooper, Jack Cockwell, Jan Innes, Ivan Fecan and John Kerr as new directors.

On Friday night, the company responded by declaring that Edward Rogers’ attempt to replace five members of the company’s board of directors was invalid. John MacDonald said the statement was released after seeking legal advice.

Martha Rogers clearly opposed her brother’s decisions.

“Unlike Ed, I don’t have lawyers, PR firms, a team or media training. I don’t need it, she wrote on Twitter on Saturday. I am not a special person. I am just an ordinary woman placed in extraordinary circumstances. [Son père] Ted appointed me to the board to prevent something so stupid from happening. It’s for you, dad. ”