November 30, 2021

regional traffic disrupted by a strike for an increase in wages

SNCF announces that the mobilization has no consequences on the circulation of long-distance trains. RER traffic is disrupted.

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The circulation of regional trains is disrupted, Wednesday, November 17, at the SNCF, due to a strike to demand a rise in wages which affects traffic in a way “very variable depending on the region”, explained the public railway group on Tuesday. The strike calls, launched by the CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail, will not “no impact” on long distance trains.

From “adaptations” of traffic are put in place on the Transilien (regional trains in Ile-de-France) and TER networks, a SNCF spokesperson told AFP. In Ile-de-France, on the part of the RER B line that it operates (the other part being managed by the RATP), the SNCF plans to circulate “4 out of 5 trains during peak hours and 3 out of 4 trains in off-peak hours”, according to the traffic forecasts of the railway group.

Traffic is also disrupted on the RER D line, with “3 out of 4” in circulation, and on that of the RER E (“7 trains out of 10”). On the N line of Transilien, traffic will be “strongly disturbed”. Trains will be “deleted” on line R and replacement buses offered in Seine-et-Marne. The railway workers are mobilizing Wednesday while a mandatory annual negotiation meeting (NAO) is being held on remuneration between unions and management.

“Give us back our money”, demands the CGT-Cheminots in its call for this national strike. “The management would like to impose in 2021 a 7th year of wage freeze. However, the wealth produced by railway workers is on the rise”, according to the CGT, and “at the same time, the cost of living has continued to increase in recent years”, adds the first SNCF union, which calls for increases “significant”.