November 28, 2021


051021at 11:56 a.m.

An artistic training center for sports photography, Analog Sport will cover the Red Star youth teams this season.

This season, the Red Star opened the doors of their association and youth teams to Analog Football. A collective paying tribute to football culture through analog photography.

Highlight the formation of the Red Star and its association through the creativity of photographers from the region. This is the stake of this collaboration between Red Star and Analog Football.

Like the Red Star, Analog Football and its social project Analog sport have understood the artistic and sporting richness of Seine-Saint-Denis. In order to release this creative energy, the collective launched a free training course for young people in the region by teaching them the art of photography through sport. Today two thirds of the association come from the department.

A meaningful action for the Red Star, which has worked with the collective for a long time. The start of the 2021 class took place at the Stade Bauer, a cult place of 93 and Parisian sport.

The collaboration between our two entities will go a little further this year with coverage of its association by the young photographers of Analog. After taking a new turn with the move of the reserve and the academy to Marville and the renovation of the sports complex in Île-des-Vannes, the Red Star team will see its young stars shine in film.

Photo credit : @TheSunsett