November 29, 2021

Rebel Wilson reveals reasons she lost over 30 pounds, plus disappointment

After Adele’s incredible weight loss, another celebrity recently posted her transformation via Instagram snaps. This is the actress of Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson who shed 34 kilos. And now, she has just revealed the real reasons for her weight loss. Focus!

The reasons for Rebel Wilson’s exceptional weight loss

* Image credit: Page Six

Rebel Wilson’s remarkable weight loss has been making headlines lately, but the actress is staying true to herself and doesn’t take her success too seriously. Last week, she gave an interview to explain why she really lost weight. And no, it wasn’t for attention.

Around July 2020, the Australian actress started sharing her workouts on her Instagram account. Over the following months, Wilson periodically posted pictures to demonstrate his progress. Finally, in August 2021, she announced that she had lost a total of over 34 kilos.

In an interview with The Sun in 2020, Rebel Wilson said his previous weight was desirable especially in the context of professional film or television engagements. “I had a job where I was paid a lot of money to be taller, which confuses the mind. “, she said.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Reasons Interview

After losing weight, Wilson noticed a huge attention towards her. “People are so obsessed with it, but I get it. Oprah is one of my heroines. She certainly struggled with eating issues and I always watched her shows when she talked about it. “.

However, the actress finds it remarkable that audiences have focused more on her body than on her professional success. In 2019, she released four films, one of which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture and another was produced by herself. However, Wilson managed more attention the following year when she “Only lost weight”.

The actress also spoke about her reasons for losing weight. She said her transformation has nothing to do with her physical appearance and it’s all about self-love. Wilson switched to walking as a regular sport activity and changed his eating habits.

*Source : Eat This, Not That!