November 28, 2021

Razball: A purely Burkinabé sport

Razball is a new discipline that wants to make its way among all the sports and leisure disciplines found in Burkina Faso. According to the site “” which brought this discipline to light, the official kickoff of this new sport was given on July 31 at the Yéguéré Omnisports platform in Bobo-Dioulasso, the second city and economic capital of the region. Burkina-Faso located 350 km southwest of the capital Ouagadougou. It is a discipline that has just been created by Zakaria Bandaogo, judge at the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Bobo-Dioulasso. It just goes to show that sport in Africa fascinates all social classes in Africa. The latter, whom we managed to reach by phone, will explain his idea by declaring “what motivated me to create this game started from an observation according to which all sports disciplines played at the international level and currently at games Olympics were not created by an African or a Burkinabè. So it was a challenge to bring my contribution to humanity with regard to sport so that the image of Burkina Faso could be enhanced at the international level through RAZBALL. African youth are full of potential and the creation of this game must provoke a shock of reflection at the level of the youth so that they can know that in any field where we think that everything has been done that they say to themselves that it is always possible to create. “

razball 1 Razball: A purely Burkinabé sport

He will continue by explaining the principles and fundamentals of this new sport. Before that he will give the definition of this game “The word RAZBALL comes from the fact that the ball is played on the ground with heavy strikes. It’s a specificity where you have to have the ability to control the ball to make well-measured strikes without hitting the net ”. A sort of volleyball or tennis except that instead of the ball above the net, it does so from below.

“RAZBALL is played in a single game on a field 30 meters long and 15 meters wide. The RAZBALL field called Zangayarè (which means clearing in bissa) is divided in the middle by a tight net (like the tennis net) leaving a space below a height of one meter. Thus the ball, rather than passing through the top of the net, passes rather through the bottom. »He further developed.

This new sport is in fact located between volleyball, tennis and football since the ball is played on the feet. It is played with teams made up of five players except that only two are found on the playing area with the possibility of replacing one of the two without stoppage of play. The players are not allowed to hit the ball in the field. red zone close to the net over a length of 05 meters. The game lasts a total of 50 minutes with twice 25 minutes after a 10 minute break. The game is won by the team that has more Razis

The Razis are two points are goals of RAZBALL. They are scored across the width of the opposing camp without touching the net and without putting the ball over the net. Each time the ball touches the net, the team is sanctioned with a subtraction of ½ points called Maga, a word in the Dioula language which refers to the fact of touching. When the ball passes over, the team is deducted from a Lohni (1 point) a word from the language San of Samos which means above.

The RAZBALL team composed of five players can be played with two teammates either on the field four players in total (called a double game) with three substitutes, or with only one or two players in total (called a single game).

To conclude, Judge Zakaria Bandaogo, creator of this game, firmly believes in the success of his company, which combines three sports whose rules are rooted in the diversity and the cultural and linguistic richness of Burkina Faso. “When I created this game in March 2021, there was an enthusiasm of the youth who played the game and who appreciated it and I think that in a few months, a few years the RAZBALL will take root seriously in Bobo-Dioulasso, then in Burkina, before being exported throughout Africa and the world, because his youth is sporty, and then take off as his hymn says ”concludes the promoter of Razball