November 28, 2021

Ranking of the best companies for work-study or internship according to the students

RANKING – The ChooseMyCompany job platform has ranked the companies in which students have had the best experiences.

Most young people take their first steps in business by starting with an internship or a work-study contract. But the choice of company can have consequences for an entire career. The HappyTrainees 2021 survey by the ChooseMyCompany job search platform established the ranking of companies where students had the best experiences. Around 37,000 student interns (59%) and work-study (41%) in 702 companies answered a series of questions at the end of their assignment around six major themes: professional progression, work environment, motivation, management, pride and the pleasure. “Work-study students change the way businesses operate. The latter are faced with a double challenge: reinventing the student experience at a time of hybrid work in a share and increase the number of work-study students», Analyzes Celica Thellier, co-founder of ChooseMyCompany.

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Company size has little influence on overall satisfaction

Decathlon, EDF and BNP Paribas occupy the first three places on the podium in the categories of companies welcoming more than a thousand interns and work-study trainees per year. Michelin, for the third year in a row, is the first company in the category welcoming 500 to 1,000 trainees and work-study students. Danone and Schneider Electric follow. In the following digital category, which includes entities having received between 200 and 500 students in 2021, Ubisoft, a French company developing, publishing and distributing video games, Arkema and MBDA France occupy the podium. In the category of companies welcoming less than 100 students per year, Heineken, La Française des jeux and the L’Occitane Group form the top 3.

Decathlon, EDF and BNP Paribas occupy the first three places in the category of companies welcoming more than 1,000 trainees and work-study students.

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For the third year in a row, Michelin is at the top of the category of companies that welcome between 500 and 999 work-study students and trainees per year.

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Ubisoft comes first in the ranking of companies welcoming between 200 and 499 young people on internships or work-study programs.

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The Pay & Co company, specializing in payroll management for companies and accountants, tops the category of companies that host the fewest work-study students and trainees per year.

The survey reveals that the size of the company has little influence on the overall satisfaction of interns and work-study students. “However, certain specific points show differences. Large groups are convincing in terms of the amount of compensation (10 satisfaction points more than in very small businesses). Conversely, in small structures, young people have more the feeling of learning (6 points more than in large groups) and of having benefited from good integration (8 points).»

In the category of companies that host between 1 and 19 work-study or trainees per year, “they are mainly start-ups in the tech sectorSays Celica Thellier.

Respondents are “in a positive work relationship”

«The crisis has prompted companies to renew their practices and their efforts to motivate and promote the well-being of young people at work are bearing fruit., says the study. Thus, the latter had the feeling of benefiting from regular feedback from their manager (+3 points vs 2020) and felt encouraged in their efforts (+2.5 points).“A spirit that is reflected in the responses of the students: 83% say”satisfied in this way out of the crisis“(+3 points compared to 2020) and 80%”would like to be hired in the company»(+6 points). The ChooseMyCompany 2021 study also collected 23% more returns than last year.

88% of interns and work-study students judge their managers “professionals and exhibiting exemplary behavior towards women and minorities“. Management, perceived as legitimate and human, “allows them to project themselves into a positive work relationship», Indicates the survey.

Telework satisfied 86% of students

However, efforts in terms of integration remain to be made. This year, 77% of interns and work-study students say “satisfied with their integration into the company“. This is 10 points less than in 2019. A closer look, reveals the study, it is within companies welcoming more than 500 students per year that this aspect seems the least convincing. An explanation can be found on the side of teleworking which has punctuated working time in companies for the past two years. It was practiced by 80% of the respondents. “Containment has shaken up the functioning of large companies which had very structured systems. The hybrid has shaken that up, analyse Celica Thellier. But they’ve made a lot of effort since then. ” But for what results? 86% of respondents found “a good work-life balance (+9 points compared to 2019)».

«The health crisis and the massive arrival of remote work have prompted employers to review their support practices, and students have had to adapt to new operating methods, which are sometimes not very intuitive for them., says Celica Thellier, co-founder of ChooseMyCompany. Today, as hybrid work becomes more widespread, the real challenges of a positive work relationship for young people are not simply the management of distance, but the quality of interactions, the development of autonomy and meaning. belonging, throughout their mission. ” The alternation formula “still represents a challenge for companies“, Says the study. “Work-study trainees consider that they work less in a modern way (6 points less than the whole) and wish to be hired less often (3.5 points less).»