November 27, 2021

Putin’s sexist remark to a journalist too “beautiful” to understand

RUSSIA – A projection in very bad taste. All this week, as energy prices soar around the world, Moscow was hosting “Russian Energy Week”, a large-scale industry rally in which President Vladimir Putin obviously took part. . The opportunity for him to answer questions from the international press, and in particular fromHadley Gamble, CNBC’s international correspondent for Americans.

A journalist who did not hesitate to question the strongman of the Kremlin head-on, asking him if Russia was deliberately withholding gas in its exports to Europe so as to cause an even greater rise in prices. And instantly attract the ire of Vladimir Putin.

Taking the assistance as a witness, the Russian head of state declared in his native language: “She is a beautiful woman, pretty. But I tell her one thing and she immediately replies the opposite as if she hadn’t heard what I just told her … ”

Shown “at its best”

An exit deemed sexist in its way of discrediting Hadley Gamble’s questions while summoning an inappropriate remark about his physique. The journalist was unable to suppress a raised eyebrow before answering Vladimir Putin that she had “understood” his defense, but that she wondered why Russia had not increased. its gas exports to Europe.

“You are wrong. We are in the process of increasing our exports. To increase, not to reduce … “, he replied, visibly annoyed, before repeating:” Did I really say something complicated to understand? ”

And the CNBC reporter was not done with a certain form of sexism in Russia since the day after her interview, she was surprised to discover in the local press that she was presented “from her best angle”, as she smiled on Instagram. And for good reason: it is a photo showing only his legs which had been chosen in One of Kommersant, a major daily newspaper devoted in particular to monitoring economic news.

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