November 27, 2021

PSG: “I said at the end of July that I wanted to leave” … The truths of Mbapp on his summer transfer window! – Soccer

In a true interview which will be broadcast on RMC on Tuesday, Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbapp has fulfilled his initial desires during the last transfer window and assured that he has never taken the club from the capital held hostage.

Mbapp delivered his truths on his head.

It was one of the great soap operas of the summer. At the end of the contract in June 2022 and no decision to extend, Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbapp (22) called for his departure for Real Madrid.

But the Habs encountered the intransigence of his club, which refused several offers from the Merengue, the last of which estimated 200 million euros at the very end of the transfer window.

Mbapp never wanted to leave like a thief

Grieved by some of the fans because of his refusal to resume, but also for his rather late start which plagued PSG in difficulty to replace him, the 2018 world champion spoke for the first time on this subject. in order to clarify the occasion of an interview which will be broadcast on Tuesday in the show Rothen ignites on RMC. The former Mongasque has assumed his initial desires while ensuring that he has always taken into account the interests of the capital club: even if Real waited until the end of August to take action, the Parisian claims to have been clear on his intentions since the month of July.

My position was clear. I said I wanted to leave and I said it soon enough. Personally, I did not like the fact of saying “yes, he is coming the last week of August …” because he was a thief. I said at the end of July that I wanted to leave, a assur l’international franais. I asked to leave, because from the moment I did not want to extend, I wanted the club to have a transfer fee to have a quality replacement. It’s a club that has given me a lot, I have always been happy, the four years I spent here, and I still am. I announced it early enough for the club to turn around. I wanted everyone to go out grown up, to go out hand in hand, to make a good deal, and I respect that. I said, if you don’t want me to go, I will stay.

K. Mbapp – people said …

Multiple offers of extension refused, including some XXL, strained relations with the sporting director Leonardo … Several underlying rumors circulated in this file, but these were all colored by the main concern: People have said that I turned down six or seven extension offers, that I don’t want to talk about Leonardo anymore, that’s absolutely not true. I’m told ‘Kylian now you talk to the president , said the star.

Author of a satisfactory start to the season (4 goals and 5 decisive assists in 11 games in all competitions), the Habs, on the other hand, remained silent on the chances of seeing him extended in order to allow PSG to recover compensation on a start in end of the season which promises to be more and more inevitable …

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