November 28, 2021

Parking: the Montpellier company Tisspark hopes to find a place in the Great South

The subsidiary of the Tissot Holding, specializing in the design and management of car parks, is building up collaborations. And displays ambitions driven by the evolution of practices.

In a few days, an imposing silo car park will open its doors to the general public at the Georges-Besse business park, in Nîmes. The 360 ​​spaces are signed by the company Tisspark, specializing in parking in all its dimensions.

Tisspark, a Montpellier company, and its Nîmes parent company Holding Tissot, have invested € 4 million in this project. “The project was designed to provide very broad parking solutions both to companies located in the park and to the general public”, explains Olivier Tissot, co-founder of Tisspark with Cédric Campagnari.

A la carte service

Founded in 2017, Tisspark is entering a booming market. “Our core business is parking in general, comments Olivier Tissot. Our company is involved in the entire process of creating parking spaces: this goes from construction studies depending on the extent of the land to be developed and the configuration of the site “.

Olivier Tissot, co-founder of Tisspark, with Cédric Campagnari.

The service is à la carte. It is very wide: “We provide all the engineering from design, assistance to project management, up to delivery, maintenance, video and customer call service.”

“A heavy investment”

Tisspark thus imagined the development of the clinic of the Park, in Castelnau-le-Lez, near Montpellier, on a very uneven ground. He also signed, from A to Z, the parking part of the consultation center of the new Saint-Jean clinic, in Saint-Jean-de-Védas.

Discussions are underway in Perpignan for the construction of three car parks. Studies are being carried out for three projects on the Basque coast. Tisspark is also present in Toulouse where it manages, “from a distance”, three car parks for the Ramsey group of private clinics. It is also present in Valence and by the end of the year in Évreux, in the Paris region. “Designing car parks is a heavy investment. We make it profitable through the services”.

Tissot Group: a family affair

Founded in 1981 by Pierre Tissot, the eponymous group from Nîmes has increased its investments in many areas in recent years.

If his core business remains real estate (he signed the @ 7Center, with FDI Groupe, in Montpellier), he is placing his pawns in new strategic sectors, with a common idea: to develop service offers.

And, each time, it is one of the four sons who is in charge of the supervision. While the historic head office remains based in Nîmes, all the subsidiaries are located in Montpellier.

Its Tisspark subsidiary now has nearly a thousand parking spaces.